Is it possible to ask for a business loan? If you can

    Business Loans


    Although the Government insists that the economic situation does not stop improving in recent months, there are many people who, given the impossibility of finding work, or having a quality and stable one, decide to build their future by opening a business. Once the doubts about whether or not you are trained to start your own business are overcome (we recommend you take the Test: Do you have entrepreneurial wood?), It is time to think about where to get the money to start the project. Is it possible to ask for a business loan? This is one of the issues that lie in the minds of those who want to become entrepreneurs. The good news for them is that yes, if they do not have the necessary capital to shape their ideas there are different ways to get it. If you are one of them, take note.


    ICO credits

    credit loans

    The Official Credit Institute offers assistance to companies and freelancers to make productive investments in Spain and cover liquidity needs. Up to 100 percent of the project can be financed with a maximum amount of 12.5 million dollars. It is done through a financial entity that can charge a commission at the beginning of the operation. You have a certain period of time as well as some conditions to request them and the entity must be constituted and registered in the Tax of Economic Activities (IAE), although it is not necessary to be registered as self-employed.




    To help fight against social and labor exclusion, there are entities that lend small amounts to people with little economic capacity to start their business and prosper. One of its main characteristics is that they do not usually require guarantees or personal guarantees.


    Bank financing

    Bank financing

    It is the most common option among people who decide to start a business. There are different types of financial products from which you can choose. There are medium and long-term loans in which the bank gives you the money at once and you pay it back in installments with interest. There are also credit policies with which the entity makes available to the entrepreneur a certain amount of money that he is using depending on his needs and for which he pays interest depending on the amount he uses. Another option is the discount lines in which the financial entity anticipates the value of bills of exchange, promissory notes or standardized receipts in exchange for a commission.And you can also resort to asking for a mortgage if you need to buy a real estate where to establish your business.


    Quick loans

    Quick loans

    If the initial investment required by the business you want to start does not exceed 5,000 dollars, a simple option is to apply for one of the loans for freelancers in Astro Lending. It is the best solution if you do not want to waste time in negotiations since the technology used by Astro Lending allows you to offer an individualized product just by filling out a small online form. In a few minutes you will know if the loan has been granted to you, so you can start with your future project without delay.

    Loans for Wedding – Where to apply


    A wedding is a unique and unrepeatable celebration, a ceremony full of details that can cause great costs. All couples want to have a dream wedding and with wedding loans, this illusion could be a reality.

    Today there are platforms and pages for loans that allow a more cautious organization, as well as the integration of the budget and expenses in general.

    Cheap wedding loans make it easy to plan, organize and create an event that fits your preferences. There are some expenses that increase the initial budget of a wedding, giving extra costs that end up being a headache.

    For this, there are wedding loans that allow comfortable repayment times for the happy pajero. Do you want to know how to apply for a money loan for your marriage? Read on, in the following article we will present the most appropriate way to ask for loans, the types of loans, their coverage and where to apply for them.

    Choose a type of wedding loan

    Choose a type of wedding loan

    It is important that you decide what type of credit or loan of money best suits your needs. Cheap loans for weddings to pay in installments are characterized by providing large amounts of money and with repayment terms of up to 3 years.

    On the other hand, there are quick and easy credits for couples who only need a small amount of money. For example, to pay for the photography service, they have a coverage of up to $ 1,400 with return terms between 30 days and 4 months.

    Also, you can choose a micro loan for weddings that without collateral, which provide a small amount of money to solve a specific need in the organization of the wedding.

    Usually, these loans are $ 300 to $ 600 and are approved in less than 24 hours, with repayment times of 30 days. They do not request endorsement, supporting documents or payroll to complete their approval.

    Search calmly for a good choice

    Search calmly for a good choice

    It is possible to find good results in one of the Spin credit platforms, which with their updates and different options allow you to choose the wedding loan you need according to the amount of money and the repayment time you require.

    Respond truthfully to the loan form

    Respond truthfully to the loan form

    To get an affirmative answer and the approval of the wedding credit it is necessary to complete a form with your data. Usually, they request personal information, information such as bank account, telephone number, address, email and others.

    This form is simple to complete, in less than 5 minutes you can request a wedding loan and receive a response between 15 minutes and 24 hours.

    What wedding loans cover: find out and ask for it in advance

    What wedding loans cover: find out and ask for it in advance

    Before starting with the organization of a wedding, it is necessary to have two different funds: one for the expenses of marriage in general and others to cover unforeseen events that may arise at the last moment.

    Having a guarantee of an amount of money saved, will give us peace of mind and avoid the worries surprises that could deteriorate the pleasant experience of the ceremony. In addition, applying for a wedding loan helps us complete the budget, leaving it more comfortable to cover all expenses and have the opportunity to pay in convenient installments.

    If after finishing the organization, there was no unforeseen expense, we can reserve the money for honeymoon expenses, travel and other activities that you want to do with your partner after the ceremony.

    A wedding loan has a wide coverage and helps to make the celebration more prestigious, organized and not cause anxiety or stress about the economic situation.

    Do you want to know what is the coverage of a wedding loan? Getting cheap loans for a marriage could be useful for any expense, but it is more common to use the money to cover expenses such as:


    Giving a banquet in a marriage is one of the biggest expenses in the budget, it is estimated that it could cost between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 for a calculation of 100 guests.

    Wedding invitations

    Although they seem an unimportant issue, an invitation is the letter of introduction of the marriage, so they must reflect the style of the bride and groom and the concept of the celebration. It is best to do them with a professional agency, which usually has a high cost.


    The memories of this special day must be of great quality, with angles and scenes that perpetuate this day for the rest of life. There are many offers in this service, but with a good budget, it is possible to choose a quality service for photographs and videos of the wedding.


    Both the bride and the groom should dress elegant, but adapted to the concept of the wedding. There are numerous brands and designs of dresses and suits for grooms, but their prices are usually high and cause a great expense for this ceremonial moment.

    The extras, music and decoration

    Good decoration and musical rhythm is essential in a marriage, so it is necessary to hire professional DJs and decorators who can capture our tastes and make them the best setting for the wedding.

    Each of these expenses can be resolved without difficulty with a wedding loan, which with its extensive repayment time allows us to get out of economic trouble and pay in comfortable installments, enjoying the great celebration and leaving aside monetary inconveniences.

    Apply for credit online.


    Loan is taken out provides further assistance 

    Loan is taken out provides further assistance 

    Applying for a Good lender online can also be done as a layperson within a few minutes and without previous experience in the banking industry. The loan comparators and loan calculators on the Internet are an important aid when applying for the loan, but also when looking for the cheapest loan provider possible.

    Because even in banking and lending, lenders naturally differ in terms and conditions and based on the fixed interest burden. The lower this interest burden, the lower the cost of the loan and thus the overall burden. Good lenders are usually always issued without a prior check by Credit bureau, which is why these loans are particularly suitable for those who knowingly already have a negative Credit bureau entry or have been previously rejected by a bank as a result.

    The possibility to apply for a Good lender online can be taken immediately after a comparison. The page on which the loan is taken out provides further assistance and an easy-to-understand step-by-step explanation. The use of these loan calculators is usually free of charge, at least if they are also reputable, since the credit comparators already receive a commission from the lender when the brokerage is successful. However, this does not have a negative impact on the interest burden or the total cost of the loan.

    With just a few mouse clicks to your own loan

    With just a few mouse clicks to your own loan

    By using the comparison portals, those affected can get the cheapest possible loan, and the comparison is much easier than if they independently searched for the available providers, calculated the conditions and then compared them manually.

    Of course, Good lenders are also associated with a debt of the borrower, because even for foreign loans, a monthly rate of a predefined amount is incurred, which must be paid by the borrower regularly, completely and on time. In addition, your own income, the type of income and the amount must be proven. If the borrower’s earnings are too low, the loan will be rejected unless it can include a guarantor in the loan agreement. In any case, the guarantor must be liquid in order to apply for a Good lender online.

    In addition, of course, this person must also be willing to act as a surety at all. Most credit calculators only record serious Swiss lenders, i.e. banks that have already distinguished themselves as lenders several times or have existed on the market for several years / decades. Cream banks are also very happy to accept German citizens if they have the appropriate income, since the banks are of course well aware of their advantage of not querying Credit bureau.

    Credit without Credit bureau Information for self-employed.


    It is far from easy to get a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed. People who do not have a regular income and do not have a positive Credit bureau information do not meet the requirements to receive an installment or overdraft facility in Germany.

    In principle, no exception can be made to this rule. Only private lenders may be willing to grant a loan to people whose credit ratings are not sufficient, according to the banks.

    Credit Providers

    credit Providers

    Many people who are looking for a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed turn to a private credit broker and expect him to help them find a suitable lender from home or abroad. Even if numerous lenders have excellent relationships with various banks or private lenders, this does not mean that they can provide any customer who wishes to have a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed.

    Particular statements should be viewed with particular caution when the lender requires certain upfront costs. For example, he could argue that these costs are necessary to open an account or to maintain it during the term. However, this is not true.

    Private or institutional lenders who are really interested in a successful loan brokerage will include any costs or fees in the loan installments and will not collect them in advance.

    Personal loans

    personal loans

    Personal loans can basically be divided into those loans that are in the private circle of friends and those that are brokered via a private internet platform. The credit conditions with which the prospective creditors are confronted are as different as the lenders. In particular, if there has been a personal relationship of trust between the lender and the borrower for years, there is definitely a chance that the loan will be successfully brokered.

    Although the repayment can be regulated individually, it should still have a fixed framework. Under no circumstances should the borrower fail to pay the agreed loan installments. Trust that is lost in the private circle of friends is very difficult to restore.

    2019 Loans: What are they and who can apply for them.


    News and advances on non-repayable loans 

    News and advances on non-repayable loans 

    Loans to the non-repayable fund are economic measures aimed at increasing the economy and the development of the territory by providing a loan without return obligations.  who fall within certain age and income thresholds.

    Thanks to the use of these funds it is possible for many individuals to apply for a loan to start their own business or to modernize an already started business.

    The method for requesting a non-repayable loanably depending on the type of loan for which you are applying.

    However, there are specific precautions and very useful considerations if you are thinking of applying for this type of financing.

    If you are interested in finding out which types of financing are suitable for your criteria and especially how to apply for one in your city, here are a series of tips and indications for submitting the forms and requesting your Lost Fund financing as well.

    Non-repayable loans: characteristics and requirements 2018 – 2019

    Non-repayable loans: characteristics and requirements 2018 2019

    As already mentioned, non-repayable loans are cash loans disbursed by numerous institutions, both state and European, to support entrepreneurs of all categories who do not meet the necessary requirements for applying for a bank loan.

    This type of financing often has no repayment constraint but it is not always the case: in fact, before submitting any question it is good to inquire about the requirements necessary to access it, about the services provided according to your starting condition and, above all, to formulate an accurate a project that shows in detail the type of business you intend to open or modernize.

    This step will be essential since it will help you understand the real starting costs to be expected when sending the request. The requirements also change considerably depending on the size of your project and the nature of the financing, just think of all the measures taken during this year to facilitate young entrepreneurs and career women under 30 or under 35.

    In fact, even if you meet the requirements necessary to open a bank loan, many of these calls are aimed at multiple categories of people, thus giving anyone the possibility of accessing a non-repayable loan.

    Who pays out the Loan Funds?

    Who pays out the Loan Funds?

    Loans to the non-repayable fund can be divided into two macro-categories: directly managed, then disbursed by the European Union, or indirect and therefore disbursed by local and territorial entities with the aim of allocating community funds among all subjects that are suitable .

    Numerous loans and non-repayable loans are in fact provided by municipalities, regions, provinces and associations of various kinds in order to increase the local economy and combat unemployment.

    How to obtain a non-repayable loan?

    How to obtain a non-repayable loan?

    To begin with, we advise you to periodically check all the local and unpublished notices in the specific reference newspapers. Or, it is further possible to contact National Agency for Business Development which annually publishes numerous calls for proposals aimed at more categories of subjects.

    Once you have chosen the call in accordance with what your wishes, objectives and initial requirements are, simply send the appropriate request for funding via the dedicated portal: before proceeding with the sending, we invite you to carefully evaluate all the options in order to choose the type of Lending Fund that is most suitable for you. Once the request has been invited, you will have to wait for the institution in question to make a first selection.

    Only then will you be contacted for an interview where you will have to show the business plan complete with all the necessary data so that you can expose all your ideas or projects.

    Certainly a good business plan is a very important tool to convince investors to disburse the loan, therefore we advise you to complete it carefully also with the help of your trusted accountant. Within the plan you will have to foresee the start-up, labor and restructuring costs, tangible assets involved but above all it is necessary that there is a profit plan capable of showing what the economic objectives you want to achieve are.

    Once you have passed the oral exam you will be able to receive your loan within the terms and conditions set out in the announcement.

    Limits and time constraints to which the entrepreneur is subject

    Limits and time constraints to which the entrepreneur is subject

    The characteristics of a non-repayable loan do not provide for the return of capital through loans or interest, but not always. There are certain types of loans which provide for the repayment of a part of the capital in a limited period of time and which therefore are only partially non-repayable.

    In general, the entrepreneur to whom the loan has been granted must guarantee the full exercise of its activity from the moment of subscription up to a period of 5 years, maintaining the position of its headquarters. Even the goods and tangible objects involved must be used from the moment of disbursement up to 5 years, as the purchase of them also derives from the funds disbursed for the opening of the company.

    Is it possible to cumulate a non-repayable loan with other loans?

    Is it possible to cumulate a non-repayable loan with other loans?

    One of the most interesting features of non-repayable loans is their accumulation: these types of loans can in fact be combined with other types of benefits, loans, loans and much more and do not limit in any way the worker who requests them.

    Thanks to this possibility, those who are beneficiaries of a Loan Fund can simultaneously enjoy other benefits deriving from other calls and acquire all the tools to start and maintain the success of their business.

    The characteristics of these loans perfectly respond to very complex work and market needs in aid of creative entrepreneurs who are eager to contribute to the development of their community and territory.

    Non-repayable loans at European and national level

    Non-repayable loans at European and national level

    The European Community, responsible for the distribution and disbursement of funds destined for the subsidy of numerous projects, every year allocates capital to various types of funds.

    Many of the loans allocated through these types of non-repayable loans aim in fact to bridge the economic and social disparities in the various countries of the union and to improve the health of each territory through a more equitable distribution of the resources available between the various regions.

    Even some of the major production sectors such as agriculture or maritime activities can count on specific funds created to support anyone who requests it, but not only. Even artistic and cultural associations can benefit from this type of subsidy, which is also designed to guarantee the funding of all the bodies, artistic communities and associations of cultural dissemination that are so important for our territory.

    In Italy only in the last two years has there been a considerable increase in activities opened by young people under 35, an important testimony to the success of the economic measures used to combat the phenomenon of youth unemployment.
    For more information, please consult the Invitialia online portal to clarify and resolve any doubts or concerns.

    Loan for modernization – where to get it quickly


    Homeowners know how to sing a song about it. Regardless of whether you want to install thermal insulation, replace the roof or install a modern heating system, every modernization costs a lot of money and not everyone creates sufficient reserves to pay for the modernization. A loan for modernization can often be the alternative if the modernization is not to be put on the back burner.

    The loan for modernization is a very special loan that is designed and provided for precisely this purpose. As a rule, these are investments in your own four walls that are worthwhile because the living comfort and the value of the property can be increased.

    In addition, modernizations often lead to cost savings in operating costs, and electricity and water are saved, which means lower ancillary costs.

    What to take credit for modernization

    credit and money

    Low-cost construction finance is only granted by banks from an amount of 50,000 euros. If the cost of the planned modernization is less than 50,000 euros, the modernization loan can be the best choice. However, one should bear in mind that if an existing loan contract already exists with the house bank, an increase in the loan is also possible and maybe even cheaper. Here it depends on the negotiating skills of the individual.

    In addition, one should bear in mind when planning that there are certain criteria for modernization that must be met in order for the bank to issue a modernization loan on favorable terms. When it comes to just maintaining a property, one cannot necessarily speak of modernization, and even if you only want to buy new furniture that is modern, it is far from modernization.

    In the case of a modernization, structural changes have to be made which either serve to improve living comfort, such as modernizing the sanitary facilities or to save energy. In other words, those who only intend to renovate and buy new furniture will not get a modernization loan. But if a new bathroom or modern heating system is installed, it is a modernization that can definitely be realized with a modernization loan.

    Modernization loans are granted quickly

    money and calculator

    In contrast to traditional home financing, modernization loans are processed very quickly by the banks and are usually paid out within a few days. In addition, there is no entry in the land register. You remain flexible with terms because there is also the option of staying under 60 months, which is not possible at all with classic construction finance, for example.

    A loan for modernization is usually granted after the presentation of the current earnings statements and a certificate that the property itself is being used. If requested, modernization loans can be repaid and redeemed early without paying a high prepayment penalty to the bank.

    There is state funding for some modernization measures, the funds are provided by the municipalities and / or KfW, the planned measure is aimed at saving energy and / or using renewable energies. You should inquire about the individual measures through your house bank.

    Increase Credit bureau-free credit.


    A loan is Credit bureau-free if the lender neither makes an inquiry to Credit bureau nor registers the loan there. In Germany, mail order companies often do not involve Credit bureau in granting installment payments to existing customers, but a loan with cash payment without Credit bureau can only be obtained from the pawnbroker or from your own employer, so that Credit bureau-free loans are applied for in Switzerland.

    A credit increase consists of increasing an already approved and partially repaid loan. Compared to the conclusion of a new loan contract with another provider, the increase offers the advantage of granting all repayments to a creditor. In addition, a previously agreed repayment of the existing loan represents a positive internal credit rating.

    Top up loan or take out new loan?

    Top up loan or take out new loan?

    If customers have already taken out a loan in Switzerland, it will be easier for them to top up their existing Credit bureau-free loan than to conclude a new loan contract without Credit bureau. The reason is that the borrowing was not sent to the German Credit bureau, but to the federal USD, and the Best banks usually only approve a new loan without Credit bureau after the old liability has been repaid.

    How does the increase work?

    How does the increase work?

    Best banks usually allow an existing loan without Credit bureau to be increased as soon as the amount still to be repaid is less than 1200 USD. The maximum loan amount granted for most Best money houses is 3500 USD, so that another 2300 USD can be borrowed at this time. Since the bank has its own experience with a customer who wants to top up his Credit bureau-free loan, a higher total amount is often possible.

    The prerequisite is, of course, that there has been no delay in payment of the loan repayment during the previous loan term. Furthermore, Best banks only approve increases if the income at the time of the extended loan application continues to reach the required minimum level. Some Best banks do not take into account the age limit of fifty-five or fifty-eight years for the initial loan application.

    With the new lending, the previous loan is combined to form a total loan, the interest rate of which is generally the level of the debit interest on the redemption date. Of course, a Credit bureau request will still not be made when topping up a Credit bureau-free loan, especially since the non-membership of the bank in the German credit protection association has not changed.

    However, the Best bank reports the credit increase as well as the initial borrowing to the federal USD. When borrowers top up their existing Credit bureau-free loan, they agree on a new loan term that relates to the total loan. Best banks offer different loan terms.

    A short term leads to quick debt relief, while longer loan terms are associated with lower monthly loan rates and thus give the borrower more financial scope.

    Questions to ask yourself when you are looking to borrow money.


    Evaluate responsibly and be careful what you sign. The situation is delicate and, coupled with the fact that households throughout Mexico tend to borrow heavily, there is a growing concern that the increase in consumer debt is driving the country into a new financial crisis.

    So who is going to handle and handle the situation? The truth is that we all need to educate ourselves better financially. We should not aspire to the latest temptation in sales to “buy more than we really need” or interest-free credit products that only delay the inevitable need to pay.

    Questions to ask yourself when you are looking to borrow money

    Questions to ask yourself when you are looking to borrow money

    The first should be “Do I really need to borrow this money?”, And not “Where can I borrow from?”

    If the answer is yes, then accepting the loan responsibly is half the story and offering responsible loans is the other half.

    When considering asking for a money loan, you need to ask yourself, “Why do I really need to spend this money? Is it a luxury or a necessity?

    It is a fact of life that most of us have to borrow money from time to time. But there is a difference between taking out an emergency loan for an unforeseen expense, such as an urgent visit from a plumber and asking for a loan based on lifestyle, such as enjoying the latest fashion in dress.

    If it is a necessity, try to find cheaper options first. If it were a luxury expense, would you be happier to be without it, knowing that you are debt-free as a result? How long would it take to save, instead of another option? Wouldn’t it be great to see you approaching that magical point when you can say “I can afford that now”?

    Ultimately, the loan is a two-sided process: the one who applies for the loan has the responsibility to pay it in a timely manner, and the lender must be open with the applicant in case he cannot pay it on time.

    The lender has a number of responsibilities. These include legal, but also, social and ethical responsibilities, as a transparent explanation of all charges and fees. It should also be explained what happens if the applicant cannot comply with the agreed payment plan. The lender also has an ethical responsibility beyond the legal requirements.

    In the past, some single-payment lenders have fallen short on this issue and traditional lenders, such as banking institutions, have come out with the burden of equally exorbitant overdraft expenses, but with the impression of being a highly respected traditional establishment.

    So what is the lesson?


    First, we have to take responsibility for our own indebtedness, regardless of who we borrow. You should always read the contract before accepting a loan and you must be prepared to have to pay additional charges if you forget the timing of the payments. When payments are forgotten, the expenses related to debt management are increased.

    If you need a loan, either short or long term, choose a company that does not hide behind the fine print, and remember, YOU are the customer.

    So, if you choose to take a loan you must be smart and consider the true cost of the loans.

    Carefully contemplate the amount of the initial loan and the duration of the loan term.

    Can you afford to be in debt for a couple of weeks instead of a couple of years? What about the frequency of payments? Will you be paying in pieces every week? Are you expected to pay for everything at once? Are there any hidden payments at the end? Will there be times when you don’t find it so easy to make those payments?

    Another important factor is the interest rate you will be charged. This can be complicated and you should ask your lender to be very clear. Some short-term consumer loan companies seem to charge high-interest rates on an annual basis, but in reality, because you are only applying for small amounts for a few weeks, it can become very profitable compared to the traditional means to which the People are more accustomed.

    Take other charges into account


    Some companies charge a fee set for “handling” the loan, as well as interest. Others will charge for late payments, lack of payments, or even prepayments! Check out the other charges that your lender is making. Sometimes these They can be much greater than interest, or even more than the loan amount itself!

    Therefore, before taking out your next loan, ask yourself if you need it. Then ask yourself if there are better alternatives. If you still need to borrow, research lenders well, make sure you understand the true costs of the loans and go for the smallest loan needed.

    Remember that in Good Finance Mexico we are here to support you when you need it most. Our personal loans are simple, fast and completely secure. Enter our website or download our application and enjoy your first loan without interest or commissions.