2 things every social advertising strategy needs

If you’ve been in online marketing for a while, you know the importance of having good creativity for social advertising.

Social media advertising has become so advanced these days that manual or automated bidding optimization is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, 55% of social media ad optimization now comes from creative management, while the remaining 45% depends on bidding and budget changes.[1]

But how do we deliver the most relevant creations to our audiences in the most efficient way possible?

The first method: dynamic creation

As we know, online advertising is never one size fits all. Facebook gives us a powerful antidote: dynamic creation.

This feature allows you to upload a number of images, videos and text elements and let the system automatically generate the ads for you. This ensures that the right creative mix reaches the right people and that they see what is most relevant to them. From there, they’ll be more likely to take action.

The second path: a cross-channel strategy

Dynamic creation is ideal because it saves advertisers time and can be effective. But to move up a gear, a cross-channel strategy is essential.

In MarinOne, we use search intent strategies to ensure that we take the real intent of people when they search for something and personalize the creative response on Facebook. For example, someone may be looking for quality underwear and therefore you can retarget them with a Facebook ad that shows a high quality image and copy that emphasizes the excellence of the clothing. This ensures that the creation resonates with them.

A launching point for social advertising success

These are just two quick tactics you can use to make sure your ad campaigns are getting the best creativity and your audience information is fed through an automated, multi-channel approach.

Find out how The French Brief used these techniques to increase ROI and conversions. Next, to learn more about how Marin can help you implement a successful social advertising strategy, contact us today.

[1] Facebook Marketing Partners Convention, Dublin, June 2018.

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