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Management of a pay-per-click advertising campaign can be long and expensive. Fortunately, there is a wide range of tools available to create effective ad copy and maximize your budget.

Here is a list of tools and resources for your PPC advertising campaign. There are Google AdWords tools and additional PPC campaign tools. Many tools are free resources to help you with keywords, advertising content, and targeting. There are also premium tools that allow extensive management of PPC campaigns.

Google AdWords Tools

Agency toolkit. Get all your Google AdWords tools in one place with Agency Toolkit. Explore the AdWords suite of tools to plan, build, place and measure your campaign. Price: Free.

Google Agency.

AdWords publisher. AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable Google application for managing large AdWords accounts. Use bulk editing tools to make multiple edits quickly. Export and import files to share proposals or make changes to an account. View statistics for all campaigns or a subset of campaigns. Upload your campaigns and make changes, then import the changes into AdWords. Price: Free.

Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner has replaced the Keyword Tool and the Traffic Forecast Tool to make it easier to plan search campaigns. Use the Keyword Planner to find new keywords and ad group ideas, get performance ratings to find the bid and budget that’s right for you, then add them to your campaigns. Price: Free.

Contextual targeting tool. Automatically create keyword lists to intelligently tailor ads on the Google Display Network. Contextual targeting tool helps you get more clicks and conversions for your campaigns and helps you do it faster. This tool allows you to create hundreds of ad groups in minutes and instantly tailor your campaign’s performance while ensuring precise targeting and control of your campaign. Price: Free.

Google Contextual Targeting Tool

Contextual targeting tool.

Display planner. The Display Network Planning Tool generates ideas on the best placements for your ads at the right prices to help you increase conversions. Estimates show how ideas can work based on past results. Historical costs show ideas within a budget range and help you set bids for the ideas you add to your campaign. Price: Free.

Display campaign optimizer. The Display Campaign Optimizer is a tool that automatically optimizes both targeting and bidding to help you find additional conversions for your ad groups in Display Network campaigns. This tool is available for campaigns that have reached 15 conversions per month. Simply provide your target cost per acquisition, ads, and budget. The Display Campaign Optimizer automatically finds placements for your ads at the right prices to help you increase conversions. Price: Free.

Site and category exclusion tool. Showing your ads in the right place at the right time can be crucial for your advertising success. Exclude placements and categories so your ads don’t show out of context or to the wrong audience. Price: Free.

Conversion optimizer. The Conversion Optimizer uses your conversion tracking data and Google Analytics to help you get more conversions at a lower cost. By optimizing your placement in each ad auction, Conversion Optimizer helps you avoid unprofitable clicks. Price: Free.

Additional PPC campaign tools

Word Hippo. WordHippo is a simple and useful site for finding synonyms or antonyms for your keywords and negative keywords. Price: Free.

WordHippo website

Word Hippo.

bersuggest. Get keyword ideas with Ãœbersuggest, the free keyword suggestion tool that makes good use of Google Suggest and other suggestion services. Ãœbersuggest can get suggestions either from a regular web search or from search areas such as shopping, news, or video. Price: Free.

Keyword niche research. Enter a general topic to discover profitable keyword niches in WordStream’s huge keyword database. Start with general terms like “insurance” or “revenue” to make sure you don’t miss out on any niche opportunities. Price: Free.

Negative keyword generator. Enter a relevant keyword below to uncover potential negative keywords. Identify the words that appear most often with your keyword. If these words aren’t relevant to your campaigns, set them as negative keywords to avoid unnecessary PPC costs. Price: Free.

WordStream negative keyword generator

Negative keyword generator.

Keyword error generator. Use this tool to generate a list of common typos and misspellings for ads. This will help you generate low competition keywords to save money on PPC ads or to rank more easily with traditional SEO. Price: Free.

AdWords wrapper and negative keyword wrapper. AdWords Wrapper is a time-saving online keyword tool. [square brackets] (exact match), + Modified + Wide match, – “Negative expression” match and -[Negative Exact] meet. Price: Free.

AdWords Performance Evaluator. This is a free AdWords tool to help you understand how a campaign is performing against PPC best practices. The report includes an overall score as well as individual scores in the areas of pay per click management, including wasted spend, click-through rate, account activity, long-tail keyword optimization, l ‘advertising text optimization and PPC best practices. Price: Free.

PPC Web Spy. PPC Web Spy will allow you to quickly find your competitor’s keywords in just seconds. PPC Web Spy allows you to see the actual ads produced by your competitors, as well as the current cost per click of each keyword so that your bids become more targeted. It will also provide you with AdWords ranking so that you can know how much you need to spend on a certain word to make sure you get the right results. Price: Free. Contact for premium rates, available during registration.

PPC Web Spy Site

PPC Web Spy.

Gazelle. Gazel is an Excel extension that makes your PPC reports and analyzes fast and efficient. Pull data from Google AdWords straight into your Excel workbook, rather than having to deal with text file downloads. Use Gazel Report Builder to configure your reports. Select campaigns, ad groups, attributes, segments, and metrics, and then run your report. Price: Plans start at $ 29 / month.

AgileBid. AgileBid manages pay-per-click advertising campaigns in Google AdWords and Bing Ads. AgileBid constantly searches for winning bids and closes keywords that don’t work. Your advertising budget is optimized on search engines because AgileBid focuses on keywords and winning bids. Price: Plans start at $ 49.95 / month.

WordWatch. WordWatch is an AdWords management tool that strives to find you the best prices for all of your keywords. WordWatch analyzes campaign performance by checking which keywords are performing well and which keywords are not. Profitable keywords are added to your campaigns; keywords that only cost you money are turned into negative keywords. Price: Plans start at $ 49 / month.

iSpionage. iSpionage has a PPC campaign builder tool to provide you with a complete solution for your PPC campaigns. Keywords are generated as well as found by analyzing the keywords of your competitors. The keywords are then cleaned up and grouped together. Then you finalize the advertising content and pricing, then export to your favorite search network. Price: Plans start at $ 59 / month.

ISpionage website


SpyFu. SpyFu discovers and analyzes your competitors’ keywords and ad copy. Get the most lucrative keywords from your competition and eliminate the keywords that waste money. Find successful ad copy and learn from the successes and failures of the competition. Generate keyword lists filtered to your specifications. Use the Kombat tool to scan multiple sites for overlapping keywords. Price: Plans start at $ 79 / month.

WordStream. WordStream PPC Advisor is a platform for creating and managing high-performance pay-per-click campaigns. Its latest version includes a landing page and lead management tools. With the PPC Success Report, easily review month-to-month changes in a simple visual format. WordStream’s PPC tools provide continuous campaign optimization through improved keyword analysis, keyword organization, keyword grouping, and long-tail keyword discovery. WordStream includes a bundle of free tools and a free AdWords performance scorer. Plans start at $ 225 / month.

Click on Sweeper. ClickSweeper offers a software service for small businesses that offers budget-based bidding, web analytics bidding, cost per acquisition, and ranking bidding options to help improve search ad performance. Use keyword performance tracking, auction price optimization, keyword match type optimization, and personalized ad copy evaluation. ClickSweeper alerts can be set at regular intervals or to display when predetermined parameters are met. Price: Plans start at $ 75 / month.

Word tracker. Wordtracker produces 2,000 relevant keywords in a single search, while Google’s free keyword tool only allows you to generate 200. The Wordtracker keyword tool has two metrics that allow you to to discover interesting keywords that are both popular and not very competitive. Create and save an unlimited number of projects and lists. Instantly measure the level of serious competition for over 320 million keywords in Wordtracker’s database. Price: $ 69 / month.

Wordtracker site

Word tracker.

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