3 major trends in online advertising for 2022

2022 is approaching and it will likely be an exceptional year for companies working in digital advertising.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over and many analysts are already cautious about the risks associated with “Omicron”, the global digital advertising industry has successfully rebounded from the slowdown of the year last. More importantly, given the acceleration of mergers and acquisitions seen over the past 12 months, 2022 will be a very exciting year for companies working in online advertising.

So what are the top market trends to watch for next year?

Metaverse (and metaverse announcements)

If there’s one buzzword for 2021, it’s metaverse. While the whole concept isn’t that new, when Mark Zuckerberg mentioned it in the context of Facebook’s future (now: Meta), the market ignited instantly.

In this regard, in addition to the many successful brand collaborations, the digital property space in the metaverse has also been booming recently, with valuations reaching record highs.

As for the outlook for 2022, the Metaverse as a whole, and Metaverse advertising in particular, will certainly see its further evolution, but its dynamics will depend heavily on how quickly the implementation of 5G infrastructure moves forward.


Not only did OTT officially become CTV this year, but the whole of CTV’s advertising space has flourished, mainly fueled by the rapid market capitalization and massive growth in streaming business from viewers on all devices, worldwide. .

What does this mean for 2022? Well, we can certainly expect the development of new measurement and attribution solutions to accelerate in the niche, with the launch of new technologies in the second half of the year, if things go well.

Data strategies

Although Google has pushed back the depreciation of third-party cookies until 2023, the importance of developing a complex data strategy has taken center stage in 2021.

More importantly, this aspect will become even more urgent next year, especially for digital property publishers who are monetizing their inventory with display and video ads.

In particular, their primary focus will involve the development of complex first-party and zero-party data strategies, involving data lakes, CDPs and other related technology solutions.