8 online advertising risks your agency should be prepared for


Online advertising is crucial for any business looking to thrive in today’s modern world. While the benefits of online advertising are widely known, digitizing your marketing strategy also comes with risks.

We asked members of the Ad Age Collective to share their perspective on the main risks that online advertisers have faced in recent years. Read their answers below and find out how to defend your business against these possible pitfalls in the world of online advertising.

1. Privacy protection

Consumers are increasingly worried about businesses invading their privacy. Seeing advertisements tracking them across the web through retargeting can create bad will. To combat this, have a transparent and visible privacy policy that explains what you will and will not do to make consumers more comfortable. Some companies go even further and offer and / or bundle privacy tools directly to the consumer. – Patrick ambron, BrandYourself.com

2. Programmatic ads on fake news sites

Fake news became ubiquitous in 2016, and advertisers were caught in the middle. Programmatic advertising placed ads on fake news sites and sites that did not match the brand’s belief. Today’s agencies need to prepare for and prevent confusion in the marketplace by demanding transparency wherever possible, being transparent with clients, and understanding clients’ purpose and how it translates into the landscape. media. – Maggie O’Neill, Peppercom

3. Deceptive bot traffic

The processes of advertising technology to measure consumer action are Byzantine; sometimes doubtful numbers arise from its poor design. Sometimes farms reap our customers’ dollars by using bots (and in a few cases physical robot grids) to mimic the actions of tapping / swiping, stealing dollars and inflating the perceived influence of the destination. With legitimate consumer demands for privacy, solving this problem is a challenge. – Scott Montgomery, Bradley and Montgomery (BaM)

4. Take the measurements at face value

With people moving fast, sometimes it’s thought that measuring just means uploading a metric or conversion report, putting it in a deck, and claiming performance. Analyze various views of advertiser data from publishers and platforms. Do some digs. Crop what you see so your client has a more nuanced view of what you see, how you recommend moving the needle, and why. – Moira vetter, Agence Modo Modo

5. Single channel marketing strategies

The risk is to rely only on a single marketing channel to spread a brand’s message. Smart agencies offer fully integrated marketing campaigns that include social media, influencers, email, promotions, and experiential marketing so that online advertising can actually convert. At Kindred, we believe it takes multiple channels and vehicles to operate seamlessly in order to effectively engage the consumer. – Monika rose, Kindred Creative Group

6. Digital-only tactics

It is actually interesting that the growth of online business in relation to physical or physical activities is starting to slow down. The path to “80% of sales made online” is now starting to seem less realistic, so being a 100% digital agency would be a mistake. – Erik Huberman, Hawke Media

7. Brand security

With the increase and proliferation of fake news and controversial content in the digital ecosystem, brands are now faced with the new and unresolved issue of brand safety. Here are some recommended steps to reduce ad placement in unsafe environments: Partner with multilingual brand security partners, use pre-auction DSP targeting, and perform post-auction verification. – Anas ghazi, WPP

8. Strong competition and noise

One advantage of online advertising is that anyone can access it; One downside to online advertising is that anyone can enter it. Our swimming pool is becoming increasingly noisy and messy, thus blinding consumers to messages from advertisers. This growing fray requires the re-emergence of true creativity where skilled professionals can help brands break through with meaningful and insightful creativity. – Reid carr, Red door interactive