Ads Creative Studio will consolidate the various creative advertising tools of Google

Google will launch a central hub for its creative advertising tools called Ads Creative Studio, the company said on Monday. Ads Creative Studio will unify tools previously available on YouTube, Display & Video 360, and Campaign Manager 360, and will be available in beta for Display & Video 360 customers in late July and for select YouTube Ads customers in September, with additional features being released. available to a larger group of users in the coming months.

Characteristics. Ads Creative Studio will include:

  • Director Mix, which can help advertisers create personalized videos on a large scale by swapping various elements to personalize the video for different audiences.
  • Dynamic signage and HTML5 to generate interactive creations for Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360.
  • Audio mixer, which can be used to create large scale audio ads for Display & Video 360.

Google will continue to build on the capabilities of Ads Creative Studio over time, the company said in its announcement.

The asset library. Ads Creative Studio will include an Item Library (shown below) to make it easier to create and manage items.

Image: Google.

Google is also introducing a new workflow that will allow users to specify which creative elements of an ad should be personalized for individual audiences.

Why we care Consolidating Google’s various creative advertising tools in one place can make these tools more useful for businesses than having to find them in different places, which can improve operational efficiency. This new hub will also allow multiple users to work on the same project, which can be important for teams that need to collaborate with other departments. The Asset Library can be especially useful for businesses where a brand team is specifically responsible for creating assets. And whether you’re creating a video, graphic, or audio ad, the workflow for personalizing the creative is the same, Google said in its ad, which can help streamline the creative process as well.

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