The government’s successful campaign to protect the public by recruiting 20,000 additional police officers has entered a new phase with the launch of a new advertising campaign.

More than 11,000 people have already joined the police as part of the recruitment campaign, helping to reduce crime by 14% (excluding fraud and computer hijacking), removing 16,000 knives and dangerous weapons from the streets and fighting against the drug scourge with the closure of more than 1,500 county lines.

2 new commercials – featuring 2 active police officers from different backgrounds already protecting their communities – will be shown on TV and in theaters and, for the first time, on YouTube and Reddit to target a younger and more engaged audience.

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Kent Police Chief Inspector Matthew Burbeck was part of the team that caught a gang sizeable millions of pounds of drugs, while Constable Lola Giwa of Greater Manchester Police helped protect vulnerable people and ensuring that violent criminals are put behind bars.

With the government on track to meet its goal of recruiting an additional 20,000 agents by 2023, the ads they feature in are part of a larger advertising campaign on radio, social media, online, on podcasts and on digital signage banners. although the government decided not to advertise to independent publishers.

The additional 11,053 officers to date have enabled the police force to set up new units to fight crime and protect vulnerable people, including supporting those who have suffered rape and sexual assault. They have also helped create the most diverse police force in history, one that is better able to effectively serve communities across England and Wales.

The new recruits will help support the implementation of the Beating Crime Plan, which sets out the government’s mission to reduce casualties, safer neighborhoods and a safer country, with a particular focus on reducing crime. homicides, serious violence and neighborhood crime.

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Interior Minister Priti Patel said:

“Two years ago, this government promised the public to put 20,000 more police officers on our streets – and we are keeping that promise with 11,053 more police officers already recruited.

“Officers like PC Giwa and Chief Inspector Burbeck are already here to make a difference – getting drugs off our streets and protecting victims of horrific crimes like domestic violence, while helping to make our communities safer .

“As we continue to deliver on this promise to increase the number of police officers, anyone motivated and passionate about serving their community and fighting crime should consider following their example and becoming part of this new generation of police officers.” courageous. “

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