Claim £200 Free Online Wolves Advertising

To incentivize advertisers, companies that create an online ad campaign with wolves can claim £200 free advertising when setting a minimum budget of £500 or £100 when setting a minimum budget of £300.

This means companies only spend £300 for £500 advertising or £200 for £300 advertising. Click below to claim either offer:

£200 free when setting a budget of £500 – click to claim offer

£100 free when setting a budget of £300 – click to claim offer

By using the self-service platform, several local and national businesses have already uploaded banner advertisements which can be found on the homepages and news articles of and Wolves App, reaching hundreds of thousands of supporters across wolves.

These offers provide businesses with a cost-effective way to reach the millions of visitors to Wolves digital platforms as we reach the end of the season and website and app traffic increases.

A detailed guide to wolf ads can be found below – for any further queries please email [email protected]

How does Wolves Ads work?

the ad platform allows businesses to set a schedule and budget that works for them, spending as much or as little as they want, with advertising rates comparable to other online ad networks and platforms.

You choose how much you spend, the dates you want to advertise, the placements you want to target (advanced targeting), then you get the estimated number of views your ad will get on the Wolves website and app .

Once you have paid and uploaded your ad, it will go through our approval process. Once approved, the ad will start showing on the Wolves website and app until the number of views you paid for has been reached.

How much does Wolves Ads cost?

You choose exactly how much you want to spend up front – you’ll never pay a penny more until you create another campaign and pay again.

Currently, advertising rates are set at £5 per 1,000 ad views on a non-match day and £10 per 1,000 ad views on a first-team match day.

So, for example, if you set a budget of $50, you’ll get the following number of views for your ad:

Non-match: 10,000 views
Match day: 5,000 views

Where will my ads appear?

Depending on the placements chosen during checkout, your ads will appear on the Wolves app and/or the Wolves website. Ads appear in the middle of every platform’s homepage and at the bottom of every news article (above the “Related Content” block).

How long will my ads run?

Ads will run until:

  • The estimated number of impressions (views) you paid for have been reached


  • The end time set when creating the ad has passed

If the end time is reached before the number of paid impressions has been reached, your account will keep the remaining budget which can be used for a future campaign.

Pro tip: By default, the platform will try to reach your impressions goal as quickly as possible, this may mean that your ad ends well before your end time. If you would prefer your ad to appear longer, you can check the ‘Spread my budget equally’ box when ordering and your ad will appear less regularly each day, but for a longer period overall. This won’t affect the number of impressions your ad receives, but does mean that your budget won’t be spent as quickly.

What do I need for my ads to show?

All you need is an ad image and a link to your website and you can have your ad live in minutes. Images are required at the following sizes:

App banner: 640 pixels wide by 100 pixels high
Website banner: 2000 pixels wide by 500 pixels high

Images must be of these exact sizes and provided in jpg or png format to be accepted by the platform.

If you are unable to create your own advertising images in these sizes, we also offer Wolves graphic designers the opportunity to create something for you. Simply choose to have us create the artwork when you create your campaign. Please note there is an additional cost of £120 per image – but you will then own the artwork to use elsewhere if you wish.

Pro tip: We advise you to use as little text as possible in your ad other than a strong call to action – for example “Buy now”.

Can I track the results of my ads?

Once ads are approved and start running, advertisers can access real-time reports of their ad views and clicks, increase their budgets, and edit ads using the Wolf Announcement Console.

*Minimum order value/budget of £500 required to claim £200 free, or minimum order value/budget of £300 required to claim £100 free.