Competition Bureau Obtains Court Order in Google Online Advertising Investigation | National company

GATINEAU, Que. – The Competition Bureau of Canada says it has obtained a court order that will advance its investigation into Google’s online advertising activity.

The office says the federal court order it received today requires Google to produce records and other written information that will help it determine whether the tech giant has engaged in anti-competitive practices. .

Bureau spokesperson Jayme Albert said the information includes documents detailing the structure of Google, whether it is dominant in certain markets, the potential effects of its conduct on competition and whether it is withholding advertising inventory.

Albert says the office has so far focused on investigating Google’s online display advertising, YouTube advertising inventory, and demand-side platform services, which are tools used by advertisers to buy advertisements.

The office did not find any wrongdoing, but hopes the information will help it understand whether Google is hindering the success of its competitors, raising prices, reducing choice and innovation, and hurting advertisers, publishers and to consumers.

Google spokeswoman Molly Morgan said the company would continue to engage “constructively” in the office’s investigation and answer all of its questions.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published on October 22, 2021.

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