Credit without Credit bureau Information for self-employed.


    It is far from easy to get a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed. People who do not have a regular income and do not have a positive Credit bureau information do not meet the requirements to receive an installment or overdraft facility in Germany.

    In principle, no exception can be made to this rule. Only private lenders may be willing to grant a loan to people whose credit ratings are not sufficient, according to the banks.

    Credit Providers

    credit Providers

    Many people who are looking for a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed turn to a private credit broker and expect him to help them find a suitable lender from home or abroad. Even if numerous lenders have excellent relationships with various banks or private lenders, this does not mean that they can provide any customer who wishes to have a loan without Credit bureau information for the self-employed.

    Particular statements should be viewed with particular caution when the lender requires certain upfront costs. For example, he could argue that these costs are necessary to open an account or to maintain it during the term. However, this is not true.

    Private or institutional lenders who are really interested in a successful loan brokerage will include any costs or fees in the loan installments and will not collect them in advance.

    Personal loans

    personal loans

    Personal loans can basically be divided into those loans that are in the private circle of friends and those that are brokered via a private internet platform. The credit conditions with which the prospective creditors are confronted are as different as the lenders. In particular, if there has been a personal relationship of trust between the lender and the borrower for years, there is definitely a chance that the loan will be successfully brokered.

    Although the repayment can be regulated individually, it should still have a fixed framework. Under no circumstances should the borrower fail to pay the agreed loan installments. Trust that is lost in the private circle of friends is very difficult to restore.