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By Harsh Vardhan

“Don’t eat that many cookies. It’s not good for you. ”Almost every kid in India has heard their parents tell them this at some point, but it continues to be one of their favorite snacks. According to the Market Outlook report, the Cookie market in the country is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.3%, in value, to reach Rs 52,771 crore by 2022.

A wide range of products and affordable prices often help the products in the category fly off the shelves. The pandemic was no different. So much so that cookies were one of the first products to go out of stock when the country went into lockdown in March 2020. And at a time like this, prominent awareness becomes imperative.

Britannia, with around 30% of the market share in the somewhat crowded cookie category, is firing on all cylinders. The brand recently tapped humanitarian Bollywood star Sonu Sood for their Tiger Krunch campaign and enlisted the affable and multi-talented Pankaj Tripathi as the face of Milk Bikis. For the local food and beverage business, Sood and Tripathi are in keeping with the brand’s philosophy.

Snacking with the stars of aam aadmi: deciphering Britannia's advertising strategy
Speaking to Brand Equity, Vinay Subramanyam, VP Marketing at Britannia, said: “Both (Sood and Tripathi) project the ethos of being resilient and succeeding in the face of adversity, something we want. transmit to consumers, mainly children. “

But in a country like India, where consumers are still largely obsessed with big names in Bollywood and cricketers, does the partnership with a more “aam-aadmi” face work? Brand strategist Ambi Parameswaran said, “Brands were paying celebrities a fortune at high prices hoping that the big star’s endorsement will do the trick and it worked well too because it instilled confidence. But now they’re experimenting with lesser-known names. The risk is not too high, but the reward may not be great either. “

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While marketing experts suggest big Bollywood actors, regional movie stars, and cricketers will continue to reign supreme on the approval charts, stars who are easier to understand and closer to the ground will perform well in categories. who do not need to rely solely on the lure of aspiration. .

Founder and Creative Director of independent design store Thinkstr, Satbir Singh, said: Sood, who has stepped forward to help thousands of migrant workers return home while everyone else has chosen to remain silent, received immense respect from the masses. “This heart of gold, this quality of a friendly star are also good values ​​for a brand,” he adds.

However, it’s not just the face of the brand that plays the biggest role in today’s tough times, awareness of product strategies and responsible marketing work well with savvy consumers too.

Britannia says she’s made an effort to keep celebrities in tune with the campaigns. Tripathi’s warm appeal goes hand in hand with the “Doodh Roti ki Shakti” commercial on Milk Bikis, as do Sood’s self-defense explanations with “Tiger Krunch, Punch Dikhao”. For example, true to his image of an action hero, Sood takes the kids on a virtual tour to familiarize them with five different forms of martial arts, including Krav Maga, in the Tiger Campaign.

The brand recently conducted a survey in collaboration with Momspresso, a user-generated content platform for women. The report states that 79% of mothers believe that the safety of traditional Indian foods is what they would like to include in their children’s diets. The product Milk Bikis 100% Atta responds directly to this.

Subramanyam said, “You can’t learn much by being a frog in the well. As a brand, you have to understand what people want, and then be genuine to yourself and consumers. The pandemic has taught us this more than anything else. “

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