Dorset Echo Recruitment Advertising Campaign for Weymouth BID


The Dorset Echo, together with We are Weymouth, have created a recruitment ad campaign to support Weymouth’s BID direct debit payers who are trying to attract new employees.

Tracy Hayden, Director of Advertising at Dorset Echo, said: “Finding the right staff has been incredibly difficult for many companies, but the hospitality and tourism sectors have been among the hardest hit.

“Covid-19 and Brexit have both taken their toll and the summer season has been very difficult to navigate, with many people facing staff shortages during the most important time of the year.

“It’s not just hospitality that has been affected and this recruiting package aims to support all of Weymouth’s BID direct debits payers when they need it most.”

The offer is completely free and exclusive to Weymouth BID taxpayers and will include a mix of print and online advertising in Dorset Echo valued at over £ 200.

A spokesperson for We are Weymouth said: “We are delighted to support our taxpayers by partnering with Dorset Echo to offer free recruitment advertising.

“As businesses, we work tirelessly to stimulate the local economy and recruiting is essential to support these businesses. ”

To apply, simply send your name and phone number to [email protected]

A member of the Dorset Echo team will contact you with the details of the job posting you wish to post.

Recruitment announcements will be published from September 16 and the deadline to apply is September 9 at 12 noon. Only Weymouth BID direct debit payers can apply.


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