EJ Dalius explains how technology is changing online advertising

Advertising is an effective way to connect customers to the market. Since the digital platform has become an important market and businesses are adopting the online platform to reach their target customers, they need to adapt to new trends to attract modern audiences. In addition, the use of data analysis algorithms has become essential to characterize customer behavior. The use of various online platforms by businesses has become a contemporary trend. The advent of digital media has continuously changed the advertising industry.

Take a look at the following technology tools for online advertising.


Almost every facet of the Internet remains gripped by automating. In this regard, advertising is no exception. A lot of data and information is available on the online platform for customers, which advertisers use to create profiles. An algorithm is a way to analyze data and implement it. By using automated advertising platforms, you can save time and money. In addition, computerized platforms use data by detecting which advertisements are performing well and thus making more offers for those which lead to more conversation. Moreover, according to EJ Dalius, these platforms also sell advertising space for websites.

Mobiles and social media

The social media platform for selling advertisements is a recent phenomenon. Major sites have robust advertising platforms for this purpose. Moreover, around 80% of internet users use social media using mobile phones. The most successful social media ads leverage location-based technology on mobile devices. The use of videos is becoming a growing medium. According to Eric Dalius, social media videos, blog posts can drive more engagement from the target audience. Viewers are more likely to watch and share ads on mobile. Videos that use captions instead of sound allow for non-disruptive viewing in public places.

Native advertising

There is a growing demand for native advertising due to changing tastes and preferences, says Eric J Dalius. There is also the rise of ad blocking software. Advertisers need to look for creative and new ways to effectively deliver their messages to viewers. That’s why advertisers use native advertising packages to deliver sponsored posts that blend with the rest of the content on the platform.

Creative use of technology

The Internet has enabled innovative and useful advertising to be more effective. This is because it is easier to find and track the target audience for optimal effectiveness. However, marketers must look for innovations in the digital platform by imbibing new technological developments to deliver creative advertisements to the target audience.

Every year, entrepreneurs are using more technological advancements to stay on top of web search engines. When preparing for marketing campaigns, the proper use of technology will help them conduct their online business effectively. Moreover, the number of virtual assistants will continue to increase if marketers stay informed about new trends in the digital platform. Therefore, only when you know the impact of technology on advertising can you grow your business.

Posted on January 21, 2021