Elie Geha, former vice president of Avanquest and director of online advertising at iWeb, joins Wealthica and Vezgo

As a veteran growth engineer with experience managing multi-million dollar advertising budgets and a big contributor to iWeb’s rapid expansion, Elie Geha associates with Martin Leclair, co-founder of Wealthica & Vezgo, in a quest to blur the lines between cryptocurrency and traditional finance. Martin and Elie worked together at iWeb, a former Martin Leclair.

The Vezgo API, often touted as the “Plaid of Crypto”, is the easiest way for people to connect their crypto accounts to any app. It is incredibly simple and easy for fintech app developers to connect to their users’ crypto exchange accounts, wallets, or protocols to retrieve balances, holdings, and transaction data. It enables a wide range of use cases ranging from taxes to compliance and financial data tracking.

With Elie Geha onboard, which has over 15 years of experience helping businesses grow through online advertising, the company is now equipped to double revenue generation and focus on onboarding developers to use the Cryptographic Aggregation API.

“The good old memories of iWeb’s incredible success come back,” said Elie Geha. “I have no doubt that we will produce another great company; only this time the process will surely be much faster and the company much bigger.”, he added.

“Elie is a passionate marketer and an incredible ambassador for Vezgo. We are extremely excited to have Elie join the team. He will surely enable us to quickly establish Vezgo as the go-to crypto aggregation solution. Know what we can do to grow help us see the impact of our work on the industry much faster.” Martin Leclairco-founder and CEO of Wealthica.

About Vezgo and Wealthica Financial Technology.

Wealthica Financial Technology Inc. is a private company specializing in providing investors and financial advisors with a complete view of their financial data. Through the Wealthica dashboard app and Vezgo API, Wealthica serves over 50,000 users and brings together over $18 billion value of assets including crypto holdings, stocks and bonds, real estate, etc. Wealthica supports over 200 financial institutions, including many cryptocurrency institutions.

Vezgo adds to Wealthica’s aggregation capabilities by connecting cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets to Fintech projects and apps. Its API is designed to help developers provide their clients with access to their crypto transaction histories and balances in one place. Having already connected to over 40 exchanges/wallets and adding new ones almost every week, Vezgo is well positioned to contribute greatly to the rapid growth of the crypto market which has a 2 trillion dollars market capitalization.

For more information, please visit vezgo.com.

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