Ghana: Absa Bank Ghana Outdoors New Business Banking Advertising Campaign

Absa Bank Ghana, as part of its marketing strategy and plan to bring banking services closer to customers, has launched a new corporate banking advertising campaign.

A statement on the new advertising campaign copied in the Ghanaian Times said that the aim of Absa Bank Ghana’s new advertising campaign was to reflect the changing dynamics and customer needs in the banking industry.

“The thought-provoking advertising campaign uses powerful creative imagery of unique products from multiple sectors of the economy and links their relationship to Absa Bank’s corporate banking mandate across the country and continent. This is complemented by specific executions to the sector (infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, telecommunications, oil and gas, power, mining financial institutions and consumer goods) across a multiplicity of media channels and platforms,” the statement read.

He said the campaign, designed to shimmer and sparkle in Ghana’s capital and other regional hubs on January 24, 2022, used four points of proof – global reach, digital solution, value chain and expert solution – to make know the Bank’s banking references for businesses.

The statement said the importance of Absa Bank Ghana in Ghana’s economy has been a constant feature of the country’s development journey for more than a century.

He said the Bank had supported several sectors including empowering businesses to be sustainable and helping clients with transformative investment services, adding that the bank had become a symbol of Ghanaian financial identity since that it began trading as Barclays Bank in 1917.

The statement said that corporate banking, in particular, has a history of consistent financial support in many areas, including license buying companies in the cocoa sector and the largest issuance of national currency in one. day in sub-Saharan Africa to 2.25 billion US dollars in 2017.

He added that Absa Bank had acted as lead arranger for a number of significant transactions in the finance and energy sectors in Ghana.

Regional Corporate Director for West Africa at Absa Bank, Ellen Ohene-Afoakwa, commenting on the new advertising campaign, said: “Our fundamental task is to provide value, experience, expertise and reach to ensure our clients can place their businesses at the forefront of the financial world, while positively impacting their communities and fueling their global vision. We are relevant in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy, private, public, large and small, and we will continue to provide capital to grow markets, transform the continent and maintain our image as a partner of choice. »

She said the ad campaign was a call to action for potential and current businesses to partner with a bank with demonstrable bravery and expertise to get things done.

Ms Ohene-Afoakwa said the campaign would utilize all key touchpoints in the external media space (TV, online, radio, outdoor, public relations) as well as an ambitious digital and social media approach.

“This innovative creative execution will undoubtedly elevate the conversation about the crucial role Absa Bank plays in Ghana’s economy,” the statement said, adding that the new campaign was “prepared to have the capital talking for most of the first quarter of 2022.”