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Criteo announced that its data-driven technology has enabled fashion e-commerce leader Nykaa to better understand the online surfing behavior of its shoppers. Using Criteo’s mobile and in-app retargeting solutions, Nykaa has tailored its digital advertising strategy to witness a 7.5x increase in sales. In two years of partnership with Criteo, the company has seen its ROI and return on advertising investment (ROAS) multiplied by 1.7, as well as a 54% reduction in cost per order (CPO).

In an effort to expand their digital marketing strategy, Nykaa realized the importance of looking beyond organic traffic and email advertising which only reached around 2% to 3% of their overall pool. cookie announcements. Seeing the enormous growth of m-commerce, Nykaa wanted to reach its customers through their preferred platforms such as smartphones, mobile web and mobile applications. The brand wanted to acquire technological and data assistance to help it manage its pool of 2 to 3 million cookies, in order to achieve its turnover and sales objective. With Criteo’s retargeting and Criteo Engine solutions, the ecommerce platform was able to deliver personalized ads to shoppers based on their browsing behavior across all devices.

Expressing his perspective on the partnership, Siddharth Dabhade, Managing Director of Criteo, said: “With the digital push from government and technological advancements in the industry, India has not only become the largest user of smartphones, but also a leading market consumer of applications. The trend has led to an upsurge in m-commerce in the country, making smartphones and tablets the most personalized way for brands to reach their customers. In this highly competitive market, a buyer’s journey is highly fragmented, so it’s even more important for brands to reach potential buyers in a more personalized way. We are happy to see the upsurge in sales of Nykaa after our partnership with them. Our goal is to help e-commerce businesses increase their sales; and make sure buyers complete a transaction, rather than losing interest and moving to another website.

Sharing his experience, Hitesh Malhotra, Marketing Director of Nykaa, said, “Criteo’s business marketing solutions, powered by machine learning technology, are intelligently configured to know exactly when to target a consumer. Criteo’s technology allows us to engage shoppers on both our app and our website, which is extremely critical as more and more consumers primarily use their mobile devices to surf and purchase our products. We plan to do more to engage new customers and prospects using Criteo retargeting solutions, and we are confident that Criteo will be able to help us achieve our business goals.

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