How to amplify your social media advertising strategy with content

Many consider social media advertising and content marketing as two separate concepts and also approach them differently. The truth though is that social media advertising wouldn’t exist without content.

There is a good reason why many use the expression content is king. Without content, you would have nothing to share or comment on and your social media pages would also be absolutely boring without it. In a study conducted by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, it was found that approximately 86% of businesses use some kind of content marketingbut only 34% if these companies feel they are using it effectively.

In the end, it all comes down to whether you’re using content to drive growth successfully or just creating content for the sake of creating it. Content is the backbone of any good social media advertising strategy, and while it may take some effort at first to create the type of content that can be picked up by your audience, you will get there eventually.

Use your audience to collect content

If you’re active on your social media, you probably have a large following as well. Believe it or not, your audience is the best resource for collecting content. You can ask questions on your social media network or start discussions on topics that might interest your audience.

Many brands use their Facebook pages to ask their audience for input on a new product launch – similar to this Kellogg’s Pop Tarts page. The company conducted a poll of fan favorites and asked customers to choose their favorite flavor.

Favorite pop-tarts poll
Pop-Tarts Poll

There is a wide range of ideas for your advertising strategy that you can draw from these online discussions and comments. It’s also a good way to stay on top of current trends and find out what kind of content your audience likes to read.

Content curation tools

Sometimes, if you manage multiple social media accounts, creating content from scratch can be a difficult task. In these situations, content curation tools can save lives. Now, you’re probably not new to the idea of ​​using content curation tools. But there are a few tools that can really make your life easier and help you post content that strikes a chord with your audience.

To stimulate is an awesome content discovery tool that helps discover relevant content for your business. All you have to do is put in some keywords, and the app will start delivering new content recommendations from all over the web. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can even edit posts and schedule them to appear on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. The user interface is really easy to use and you will be able to access all your social media accounts on one clutter-free dashboard.

Instapaper is another great tool to use for content curation. – a read-later bookmarking tool that can do more than just create bookmarks. While browsing the web, you’ve probably come across dozens of interesting stories that you wish you could read if you had more time. Now you can save all those links with Instapaper and come back to them later when you have more free time. The tool also lets you highlight parts of the article or add comments to an article, for easier retrieval later.

Finally, let’s take a look at Storify. This tool is ideal for people who are constantly on the lookout for the latest news and news about live events or campaigns. It lets you organize the chaotic World Wide Web, so you can get engaging stories. Brands are now using Storify to post live updates of events like product launches, Q&As, and more. The application allows users to discover stories, but also to create and edit them.

Test your content

Before you start rolling out your content – ​​be it blogs, articles, short posts, etc., it’s important to A/B test your content. By simply posting article after article on your social media pages, you cannot hope to gain a strong following. It’s also important to know if your audience actually likes your posts and responds to your posts as expected.

To test content, you can play around with a variety of content on a variety of social networks to see what type of content and which network gets you the best responses from your audience. Post written content with images, infographics and videos relevant to your product/service, keep an eye on the comments, shares and likes you receive on posts.

Personalize your messages

Almost everyone has multiple social media accounts these days, and if you’re one of them, you’ll need to create content specific to the platform you’ll be posting the content to. Each of the social media networks has a different personality and a particular type of audience. You will need to tailor your content to the needs of your audience and ensure that the content you produce attracts your audience to this network.

With the character limit on Twitter, your content needs to be powerful so that it grabs attention even if it’s only 140 characters. On Facebook, you have the option to play more with your content because the network is much more flexible. Don’t forget to add an image or video to get those must-have eyeballs. If you post on LinkedIn, make sure your posts are professional and valuable to others. Here’s a preview of Jet Blue Airways’ post on LinkedIn and Twitter. The brand posts informative content on LinkedIn about careers etc. and uses Twitter to engage with its customer base and post original content.

JetBlue Airways Linkedin Ticket
Linkedin post from JetBlue Airways
JetBlue Airways post on Twitter
JetBlue Airways post on Twitter

Content Promotion

Although advertising on social networks can be largely inexpensive, it is a good idea to invest in paid promotion. It is no longer enough to simply create content. You need to promote it to make sure it reaches a wider audience. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn all offer content promotion opportunities that you can take advantage of and boost your social media advertising efforts.

With the Facebook Promoted Stories option, you can promote your blog posts and other content to drive more traffic to your blog or website. You can also promote your tweets on Twitter using their Promoted Tweets option. Apart from Promoted Tweets, you can also buy retweets – an unethical option – but one that can definitely work wonders.

When it comes to social media advertising, content acts like oxygen. You won’t get too far in your marketing efforts without good quality content, whether it’s created or curated content. Quality content has the potential to drive more sales and help your brand engage with your audience.

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