Huge Changes Ahead in Online Advertising: Here’s How Your Business Can Prepare

The world of digital marketing continues to evolve, and as it does, it becomes more important to team up with local experts who can offer proactive solutions for a rapidly changing landscape.

Kat Ginn, Digital Advertising Manager, works with clients to help them “future” in the new digital wave. (Photo courtesy of Jon Geeslin)

In the age of the modern internet, Google has set the standards — and established the rules — that help define both online marketing and web traffic metrics and metrics.

But Google is about to completely overhaul many of these standards and tools, and for those who want to stay ahead of the game and continue to get the most out of their marketing budget, now is the time to start planning for the reset. massive on the horizon. .

Kat Ginn, head of digital advertising at Sky-Hi News and Summit Daily News, is working with customers to help them ‘future-proof’ themselves for a series of privacy-related changes that will see Google Chrome remove cookies altogether online – the digital breadcrumb currently used to track web visits and help advertisers stay in touch with customers.

“Cookies were used to track what people searched for and were used to target our ads, based on people’s online behaviors, demographics and various content,” Ginn says. “From soon on, we won’t have as much capacity to do that.

(Photo courtesy of Jon Geeslin)
(Photo courtesy of Jon Geeslin)

The disappearance of cookies is part of an industry-wide movement to protect user privacy and security online, and also in response to the popularity of ad-blocking software, particularly on newer smartphones. . Cookies have been the standard third-party data storage system for decades, but that’s all about to change.

You’ve probably seen the first steps of the transition, as websites now actively ask you to accept the use of cookies on a first visit. Eventually, these cookies will disappear entirely and advertisers will have to adopt ideas ranging from direct mailing lists to digital geofencing at retailers to try to track and better plan their marketing campaigns.

From unique digital display advertising to personalized marketing efforts, Sky-Hi and Summit Daily offer their customers
From unique digital advertising to personalized marketing efforts, Sky-Hi and Summit Daily offer their clients “more marketing for less work”. (Photo courtesy of Jon Geeslin)

“We’re working on developing marketing plans to help businesses grow with these changes and be ready when the changes happen — and not have to backtrack,” she says. “We are developing advertising campaigns that will work, right now, rather than people eventually reacting to these new analytics systems.”

Kat worked with Sky-Hi’s marketing team to help clients master new tactics and tools to deal with these changes, with free one-on-one personal consultations, plus up to $600 in ad impressions. free to help people. on the way to the transformation to come.

From unique digital display advertising to personalized marketing efforts, Sky-Hi News and Summit Daily News clients can continue to effectively reach local and national audiences.