IAB – Online Ad Market Grows 19% as Government Spending Accelerates

Michael via Unsplash.

Government was the top spend category for advertisers, accounting for 13.5% of the general display market for the quarter, compared to 3.9% over the same three months in 2021.

Retail’s share fell to 13.5%, compared to 16.4% for general display advertising.

All general display categories saw growth, with video advertising up 24% to $715.1 million, food/native up 5% to $349.80 million, standard display 11% to $167.7 million and other ads 69% to $21.5 million.

Spending on classifieds increased by 4.3% and search and directories by 3.6%, general display advertising contracted by 15.1%.

Search and directory spending in the quarter took the lead from general display advertising as the travel recovery gathered pace.

Gai Le Roy, CEO of IAB Australia, said: “The digital advertising market saw solid investment growth for the March quarter versus the prior year with the standard seasonal slight decline from the March quarter. december.

“The composition of the major categories of advertisers was significantly disrupted by heavy advertising spending by political parties and independents at the start of the federal election campaign.”

Content publishers’ share of inventory purchased programmatically increased 1% from the prior quarter, bringing it to 42% of spend, the percentage of agencies purchasing through IO, while direct bookings are remained relatively stable at 16%.

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