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As Africa is rapidly advancing and positioning itself as a leading emerging market, BetConstruct never fails to further strengthen its footprint in the region.

Similar to actions the company is taking in other regions, here in Africa, BetConstruct is challenging the status quo by working to develop additional targeted solutions to diversify partner growth opportunities.

These opportunities are closely related to the message with which BetConstruct enters the market. What’s yours is yours – that’s what the company has to say to the resilient, hardworking and talented African continent. The motto reflects the philosophy of giving complete freedom of choice and operation to local operators.

The continent holds huge potential as a diverse market with key similarities in most countries. Certain differences also apply, but despite these, what engenders all residents of the continent is the eagerness to think things through and do business.

With its rapid expansion strategy and clear message, BetConstruct aims to continue to unlock potential for unexpected opportunities in the local market. Bringing a bespoke A-Z platform to market, BetConstruct covers all online channels including retail. Solutions like Sportsbook and Virtual Sports, being the most profitable on the continent, are available on PC, self-service betting terminals, Pocket Betshop and portable terminals.

After a long break from physical exhibitions, the starting point for BetConstruct’s What’s yours is yours in Africa will be the BiG Africa Summit to be held on February 8-9, where the software developer will be present with highly demanded solutions on the Marlet.