Launch of the international student advertising campaign

The one-minute campaign video, dubbed The Making of You, was shared on social media platforms to attract prospective students from around the world.

“We have been working on The Making of You campaign for five months and the video is the start of a campaign that will grow across the world over the next 12-18 months,” Giles O’Neill, Director of Education in Ireland, Told The PIE news.

“Students all expect a world class education, a great course, well aligned with the industry with future career potential.

“When you go beyond that and start to go deeper into the emotional response to an upbringing, an experience, something life-enhancing and full of character-building experiences, you really start to tap into something very special,” he continued.

Panning across serene Irish landscapes and various shots of Dublin’s famous Trinity College library, the video shows a young woman experiencing nightlife as well as university learning and exploring rural parts of the country.

UK and Western Europe Director at QS Selma Dröfn Toohey reposted the video on LinkedIn saying it was a “great new national video to attract international students for study in Ireland”.

“I myself am a very proud graduate of Trinity College Dublin and can testify to what a wonderful place to study in Ireland. Kudos to education in Ireland,” Toohey said in his post.

“An education in Ireland offers so much more and it is something we intend to develop”

The video goes on to mention the “world-class” employment opportunities that can be found in Ireland, in a “dynamic job market”, with companies such as Google, Amazon and LinkedIn – “the envy of countries of the whole world”.

The push from Enterprise Ireland, responsible for bringing trade and business to the country, comes after scams and housing problems have increased in recent months, according to reports.

The video explains that while education is “world class”, Ireland is also good for “more than that”, namely immersing yourself in the country’s “rich and vibrant culture” and learning things “not just found in books.

“An education in Ireland offers so much more and that has been developed into a proposition that we intend to develop and build on this project,” O’Neill added.

The campaign was launched just in time for a virtual fair, hosted by Education in Ireland on November 2.

“We have planned a lot for this campaign with Irish HEIs and with our international student ambassadors – the student experience being at the heart of it – something that Ireland does well,” said O’Neill.