Ludimila Da Silva, spectacular in her latest advertising campaign

Ludmila Da Silva is the image of Lidl’s new Esmara fashion collection with the actress Macarena Gomez and the ‘body positive’ influencer Marina Llorca. This is a flax capsule found under the campaign ‘dress up for free‘.

This year, the company is more committed than ever to satisfying the needs of all its customers with clothing that allows women to express their personality and diversity by dressing freely. The company continues to focus on timeless trends, versatile clothing and durable fabrics. The Lino capsule presents more than 30 garments with a price that does not exceed 13 euros. The entire collection will be available from June 27 in the company’s 600 stores and on its online store.

Footballer Ludmila Da Silva, actress Macarena Gómez and body positive influencer Marina Llorca.

The new Esmara collection presents all the essentials of this summer adapted to new trends. The clothes are designed to fit any female body and figure and highlight the personality of each woman. And that’s it, as the footballer says in the campaign’s promotional video: “When you have clothes that fit you well and that give you great strength, freedom and security. For me, it is very important”. Something that the brand knows and that is why it imposes itself by offering garments made from the star linen fabric, considered a natural and sustainable fiber due to its ecological culture, which above all offers convenience and comfort.

Ludmila Da Silva, poses for the Lidl campaign.

Ludmila Da Silva, poses for the Lidl campaign.

Lidl has managed to find the perfect balance between the elegance of linen and the casual floral and striped prints, seeking the versatility of garments, ideal for those eternal summer days that so many occasions present.

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