Marine Corps Launches ‘Shifting Threats’ Recruitment Ad Campaign

The US Marine Corps Recruiting Command released its new advertising campaign on YouTube on October 27.

QUANTICO, Va. – Marine Corps Recruiting Command will release its new ad campaign, Changing threatsvia YouTube on October 27. The commercial is set to make its television debut on Saturday, October 29, during the Georgia vs. Florida college football game.

This new ad campaign conveys a single premise: Against ever-changing threats, our nation’s greatest asset is the adaptable skill set of Marines who fight and win.

Changing threats presents the increasingly complex and chaotic global environment in which the Marines currently operate, characterized by “no” threats: unpredictable, unimaginable, unknown and undeclared.

“The centerpiece of the Marine Corps is not a platform; it’s the individual Marine,” said Lt. Col. Rob Dolan, director, marketing and communications, MCRC. “The concept behind the Changing threats The campaign is to explain who we are and what we do for the nation while communicating the identity of the Marine Corps to this generation of future Marines.

On October 27, the Changing threats the ad can be viewed at:

Changing threats will be amplified across a variety of communication and media platforms to include compelling communication elements, such as TV/video advertising (linear and online), digital audio, social media posts and digital assets .


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