Menassat Developments Defining Cairo Outdoor Advertising Campaign Localization in Motion | INSITE OOH multimedia platform

The reputable real estate developer Menassat Developments begins an intense new OOH campaign. Their the last OOH campaign was in February 2022which aimed to promote the launch of their project, Eclipse Business Space, in New Cairo. Menassat Developments claim to be an innovative and comprehensive property developer that offers unrivaled premium interior finish and design.

Regarding the visuals, several advertising variants of the same content are announced; the campaign is presented in midnight blue, black and white color combinations. The midnight blue and black background advertising copies show the brand name in an eye-catching white color, the logo, which is the brand name written in a fancy pointed Arabic font, their hotline number, the website address of the company and the phrase “Expand opportunities.”

The white background ad features the brand name, logo, website address, hotline number and the phrase “Expanding Opportunities” printed in a contrasting black color. The use of this tagline is determined to highlight the realm of opportunity that Menassat Developments promises to unveil and deliver for its clients.

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