New pork ad campaign aims to ‘feed the family for less’

A new pork advertising campaign by the AHDB has been launched in a bid to ‘feed the family for less’ as the cost of living crisis continues.

As consumer demand for affordable meals increases, the Levies organization’s fall pork marketing campaign is launching with new messaging, from October 17 to November 25, 2022.

The advertisements aim to encourage the public to support farmers by purchasing economical cuts of pork to create affordable everyday dishes.

The six-year campaign also aims to raise awareness of the positive role pork plays in healthy meal choices during the current cost of living crisis.

New recipes included in the campaign will feed a family of four for less than £5, according to the AHDB, with some recipes costing less than £1 per person using cuts of pork such as shoulder, sausages and lean mince .

Consumers will see the ads online, on social media, on-demand TV shows, in the aisles and on the websites of eight supermarket chains.

AHDB marketing manager Carrie McDermid said the new fall pork campaign is all about feeding a family at a lower cost.

“We’ve developed a range of exciting new recipes that not only deliver great taste, but also cost less than a fiver.”

Ms McDermid added that the campaign focused on British cuts such as pork shoulder, sausages and ground meat to support British farmers.

“Pork is being touted as a value-for-money protein that meets consumers’ needs when trying to reduce the amount they spend on their weekly store.

“Additionally, we worked with retailers to secure an agreement to apply over one million stickers to pork packages with a QR code linking to money-saving recipes.”

The Levy Board campaign has been going on for six years and comes at a crucial time for the pork industry.

Additionally, it continues to encourage consumers to purchase fresh primary pork regularly and maintain a long-term positive attitude towards it.

The campaigns have been very successful in shifting consumer perception of pork towards a meat that is tasty, lean and easy to cook.

Evaluation of last year’s campaign showed that 92% of consumers agreed that TV advertising featured pork medallions as a healthy meal choice.

And three-quarters of consumers said they had a different opinion of pork medallions after seeing the campaign.