Oman online advertising market outlook to 2023 –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The report “Oman Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023 – by Medium, by Type, by Sectors and by Model” has been added to offer.

Oman Online Advertising Market Outlook to 2023 covers online advertising spent as well as market segmentation by advertising medium (desktop and mobile), by type of advertising (search advertising, social advertising, video advertising, banner ad, classifieds) online and others), by industry (Hospitality & Tourism, FMCG, BFSI, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail and others), by models (cost per mile, cost per click and cost per action).

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

1.1 Oman Online Advertising Market Executive Summary

2. Research methodology

2.1 Definitions

2.2 Abbreviations

2.3 Consolidated research approach

2.3.1. Market Sizing, Limiting & Services – Online Advertising Market

2.5 Variables (dependent and independent)

2.6 Correlation matrix

2.7 Regression matrix

3. Introduction of Oman Online Advertising Market

3.1 Overview and genesis

3.2 Prerequisites for opening an advertising agency in Oman

3.3 Success factors in the Oman online advertising market

4.Oman Online Advertising Market Value Chain Analysis (Advertisers, Online Advertising Agencies, Publishers, End Users)

4.1 Role of entities in value chain analysis

4.2 Mechanism in which advertisements are placed

4.2.1. Buy a side mechanism

4.2.2. Sell ​​the mechanism aside

5. Oman Online Advertising Market Size by Expenditure, 2013-2018

6. Oman Online Advertising Market Segmentation

6.1 By device (mobile and desktop), 2018-2023

6.2 By model basis (cost per mile, cost per click, cost per action), 2018-2023

6.3 By Advertising Type (Social Media Advertising, Search Advertising, Video Advertising, Banner Advertising & Online Classifieds and Others), 2018-2023

6.4 Online advertising spent by industry (hospitality, BFSI, telecommunications, automotive, healthcare, retail and others), 2018-2023

6.4.1 Hospitality & Tourism Sector

6.4.2 BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance)

6.4.3 FMCG

6.4.4 Telecom

6.4.5 Automotive

6.4.6 Health care

7. Growth drivers and trends

8. Problems and challenges in the Oman online advertising market

9. SWOT Analysis for Oman Online Advertising Market

10. Regulatory Scenario in Oman’s Online Advertising Market

11. Competitive Parameters in Oman Online Advertising Market

11.1 Cross-analysis of Existing Advertising Companies by Revenue, Number of Employees, Number of Active Customers, Primary Customers and Customer Retention Rate, 2018

12. Market share of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Others, 2018

12.1 Internet use activities among men and women and use of social media (number of active users through different platforms)

12.2 Major Social Media Platform Revenue, 2018

12.3 Social Media Platform Analysis (Frequency of Mobile Use, Penetration of Major Active Social Platforms)

13. Company Profiles of Major Advertising Companies

13.1 Al Nahda Advertising Co. LLC

13.2 Arab house

13.3 Bullseye Marketing LLC

13.4 Creative Communication Advertising and Marketing LLC

13.5 Fortune Promoseven Advertising (FP7 / MCT)

13.6 Havas Worldwide Muscat

13.7 Oman Advertising Agency LLC (OMANAD)

13.8 Paragon

13.9 Talks International LLC

13.10 UMS Advertising (United Media Services)

14. Successful Online Advertising Campaign – Case Studies

14.1 Case study – LG – G2 Lab campaign – Havas advertising agency

14.2 Case Study – Oman Experience – Zeenah Advertising Agency

15. Company profiles of the main platforms – Customer profile

15.1 Facebook

15.2 Instagram

15.3 Twitter

15.4 LinkedIn, Snapchat, Youtube

16. Oman Online Advertising Spending Forecast and Projections, 2018-2023

17. Future market segmentation

17.1 By support, 2018-2023

17.2 By Advertising Types, 2018-2023

17.3 By sectors, 2018-2023

17.4. By models, 2018-2023

18. Analyst Recommendations – Success Factors

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