Oscar-worthy coffee: De’Longhi Group launches global advertising campaign with Brad Pitt as brand ambassador

“De’Longhi has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years and the production of domestic coffee machines has played a central role in this growth,” said Massimo Garavaglia, CEO of the company. “We believe Brad Pitt is the perfect ambassador to talk about De’Longhi to the world – he is the quintessential embodiment of the De’Longhi spirit: bold and international but at the same time sophisticated and elegant.”

The viewer is treated to a preview of the classic “Day in the Life of Brad Pitt”. Whether it’s shopping for coffee beans in the morning, riding around Los Angeles on a motorbike and stopping to refuel, these scenes represent a moment we all look forward to: coming home and finally relax with a delicious coffee or cappuccino – A perfect moment.

Alongside the actor and director, the film touts the talents of two other Oscar winners, cinematographer Linus Sandgren and composer Justin Hurwitz, both members of the La La Land dream team. . Hurwitz, who created a soundtrack for the commercial, said: “When I saw what Damien did with the grain of the film and Brad looks as cool as I’ve ever seen him, I was delighted to find a melody and mood to match.

To complete the team, famous photographer Lachlan Bailey.

The film is memorable for its cinematic quality and scope, coupled with a real sense of “authenticity” – a core part of De’Longhi’s message, as a family business whose success and evolution are based on solid entrepreneurial values.

Choosing Brad Pitt for this international campaign means more than working with a globally recognized icon – Pitt is an acclaimed actor and producer, a committed environmental advocate, an art collector, passionate about architecture and design.

Above all, Brad Pitt maintains his mystique, despite achieving worldwide fame. A spirit of sobriety that reflects the De’Longhi brand itself – a company linked to its roots with a distinctively Italian passion for harmony and elegance that goes beyond simple stereotypes and is accessible to the whole world.

Iconic and authentic at the same time.

Much like a Hollywood star brewing a simple, perfect cup of coffee.

You can see the campaign film here: