Bigger doesn’t always mean better for Unilever when it comes to the influencers it works with. The influencers previously hired by the advertiser were to be as well-known as a finalist on the hit TV show “The Great British Bake Off”, according to Madeleine Boulton, deputy brand manager at Unilever.Read More →

Criteo announced that its data-driven technology has enabled fashion e-commerce leader Nykaa to better understand the online surfing behavior of its shoppers. Using Criteo’s mobile and in-app retargeting solutions, Nykaa has tailored its digital advertising strategy to witness a 7.5x increase in sales. In two years of partnership with Criteo,Read More →

International Online Advertising Agency – AccuraCast Increase revenue while reducing cost per acquisition with smart online advertising. Our pay-per-click and programmatic advertising services deliver profitable campaigns that drive more qualified clicks, which translates to increased leads, store visits and sales. Performance Driven PPC Management A unique combination of data intelligence,Read More →

Reaching people interested in your product or service should be done in stages – the first is determining your target audience. Once you find out who is most interested in what you offer, connecting with them comes next. To reach potential customers, you don’t have to search high and low.Read More →

TV advertising remains the primary focus of marketing efforts for nearly a quarter (22%) of U.S. companies who identified television as their number one priority channel. Additionally, 85 percent of businesses have a website and nearly 80 percent are active on social media, according to the results of a recentRead More →

He’s the high school bully of the advertising world, the dumb guy who follows you around annoying you until you finally acknowledge his presence. Advertising professionals call it retargeting; I call it stupid. If you’ve never heard of it before, this article can reassure you that a.) you’re not goingRead More →