PlayUZU launches massive ad campaign in Mexico

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Following its highly anticipated entry into the Mexican market in early January, PlayUZU has launched a major advertising campaign to consolidate its presence in online casinos in the region.

Campaign and ad campaigns on digital media

The Spanish-language version of SkillOnNet of the popular gaming platform PlayOJO has launched a campaign based on the popular “Thumbs up” concept.

The campaign will run on digital media platforms and will air on television in standard and integrated television program advertisements. The projected share of vote for the campaign is expected to exceed 20%. The campaign ads, modeled after a similar PlayOJO campaign, will also appear on social media pages, in Google Search, as native or programmatic ads, and through media influencer marketing. When all of these activities are combined, the company should generate significant brand awareness among the targeted Mexican population.

The “Thumbs up” advertising campaign features a hero delighted to have discovered an online casino that is both fair and transparent. The hero expresses his satisfaction with the universal thumbs up sign. Additionally, the character is seen wandering around the city and meeting other people who have discovered the benefits of playing PlayUZU. As a result, they are unanimous in their approval of the casino. The campaign slogan is “The transparent casino”.

PlayUZU’s Unique Selling Propositions

In addition to strengthening the brand’s footprint in the country following its launch in January, PlayUZU intends to use the campaign to educate gamers on the brand’s Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). One of them relates to PlayUZU being the only Mexican casino with a 0% wagering requirement on all casino profits. This includes winnings accrued from free spins and other casino promotions. A second USP is represented by player refund benefits on all bets, winners and losers. Cashback payouts are instantly applied to player accounts and can be wagered on new games or cashed out.

Helena Rico, PlayUZU’s Head of Marketing for Spain and Latin America, highlighted the casino’s delight in showcasing and expanding its presence in Mexico. Via television commercials and a multitude of Internet media. Rico praised the campaign’s use of broadcast ads and a wealth of social media, adding that they believe it would allow them to directly compete with seasoned operators with a much longer presence in Mexico.

The present “Thumbs up” campaign is not PlayUZU’s first attempt in recent years to increase brand awareness in a Spanish-speaking market. The operator launched PlayUZU Nights, a live educational TV show for Spanish gamers, towards the end of January.