Ricola On Air with a new advertising campaign in Italy

The Swiss company Ricola presents a new communication campaign focused on humor and the element of surprise. The spot begins by deceiving the public and presenting another rather unreal product. He advertises the ‘Mini Meadow’, a real Swiss herb meadow that can be ordered at home straight from the Alps.

The video opens with a farmer who, surrounded by a recognizable Swiss landscape, lovingly selects and maintains (so much so that he uses a huge comb) a plot of land in which lush alpine grasses grow. A piece of land is taken away, transported and then properly packed, to be delivered directly from the Alps to a modern home inhabited by a young man enthusiastic about his newly arrived purchase: a real mountain corner on which, like a fitness mat, it is possible to practice yoga and awaken the senses. This ironically surreal image is suddenly interrupted by a talking groundhog on a swing, surrounded by an alpine panorama, which reveals an easier way to achieve this effect: “just eat a Ricola candy, with the revitalizing power of 13 herbs Swiss Alps “. The advertisement ends with a shot of the packaging (bag and box) of Ricola L’Originale framed by a lush green meadow in the Swiss mountains.

The spot is available in 30 “long and 15” short formats. The television campaign is on Eurovision; in Italy, it is already broadcast on the main television channels since October 24 for a period of 3 weeks and is currently broadcast in France, Switzerland and other European countries. From the beginning of November, the spot will also be visible on the web thanks to a full stack campaign.