SF Archbishop Nutty takes on Pelosi in nationwide ad campaign

Our own COVID super broadcaster, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, is trying to boost his profile with a nationwide anti-abortion ad campaign targeting Nancy Pelosi, but so far the campaign has consisted entirely of a bishop’s hat and no cattle.

Of the many conservative factions that are stunned like children on Christmas Eve because of the Texas abortion ban, which could lead to the effective overthrow of Roe vs. Wade via the Mississippi test case currently before the Supreme Court, the Catholic Church is eager to intimidate politicians into following the Church’s line on abortion. The problem? Most elected Catholics in Washington, DC are pro-choice democrats, and that’s not insignificant, it includes President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The renegade Catholic clergy have already tried the bit where they would deny Biden’s communion, but Pope Francis pulled that shit last month. Here in San Francisco, Archbishop of COVID Captain Salvatore Cordileone has been vocal enough to harangue Pelosi on his steadfast support for the right to abortion, and now the Chronicle is reporting that Cordileone is carry out a national advertising campaign against Pelosi. But the campaign titled “Rose and rosary for Nancy”Seems to be all the hype and little results.

Above we see what the Chronicle calls a “$ 50,000 digital ad”, but which actually looks like a Youtube clip designed to never be shown on TV, and just to create the illusion of a campaign. television advertising. (Or maybe it’ll stream on YouTube between sermons, if that’s your thing.) Cordileone is the “star” of the ad, sometimes stammering her own words, saying “This is a critical time in our country, and we especially need to pray for our political leaders as we see our leaders moving more and more towards the culture of death, ”and“ I invite you all to join me in prayer and sacrifice for the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. ”

“Culture of death”, eh? It’s rich coming from a guy who flouted COVID-19 restrictions and whose diocese has managed to orchestrate epidemics.

The Chron adds that “there is also a 30-second radio spot, broadcast on Catholic radio stations nationwide, which does not specifically mention Pelosi but asks Catholics to pledge to pray and fast for the conversion of the hearts of members of Congress. The campaign also says that if you sign their petition online, “a rose will be sent to her as a symbol of your prayer and fasting for her.”

Yeah, about that. Even the far-right Daily Caller admits the campaign can’t get enough roses to match signature count. When the petition reached 3,500 signatures on October 1, the campaign’s executive director told the Daily Caller, “We couldn’t locate 3,500 roses to send today, but we will get them to him. (They delivered 1,000 roses.)

Plus, Pelosi tends to win those fights with the conservative media. As the Chronicle points out, “In 2018, the Conservatives spent tens of millions of dollars to use his name in 1 in 5 commercials run by Republicans during this cycle. The result: Democrats toppled the House.

The intention here is apparently to scare Pelosi into believing that she is not welcome in the Catholic Church. But as the tweet above shows, Archbishop, she has friends higher up than you.

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