State ad campaign sees success

Storm Lake, IA (KICD) – The Iowa Lakes Corridor held its quarterly meeting in Storm Lake last week to provide an update on the direction of the corridor and the Economic Development Authority campaign. Iowa to promote Iowa State.

Corridor President and CEO Shannon Landauer said while the old approach to economic development of focusing on the industrial side of Iowa is important, it’s equally important to focus on the people. and state retail outlets.

Staci Hupp-Ballard, IEDA’s director of strategic communications, also gave a presentation on the status of the This Is Iowa campaign, aimed at attracting businesses, travelers and talent to Iowa.

She shared that since the campaign began, positive perception of Iowa has increased by 20% while negative perception has dropped by just over half. Hupp-Ballard says the increase is attributed to things like recreational opportunities and the state’s natural landscapes and “Iowa Nice.”

The campaign also offers co-op marketing toolkits to help any interested Iowa community promote themselves. Hupp-Ballard told KICD she’s glad to see more communities requesting information about them.

She also says that while there are similarities in campaigns, communities can have their own different goals, and IEDA helps adjust marketing to meet them.

Hupp-Ballard also says the IEDA is still working to evolve the campaign to promote travel and in turn nurture Iowa’s workforce. The most recent addition was an area on the campaign website for communities in Iowa to share stories about the opportunities the state has to offer.