The future behind online advertising

Online advertising holds promise, but remains one of the most neglected industries in Pakistan.

By Sayed Shehzer Abbas

Online advertising is also known as online marketing. It is a marketing strategy that uses the Internet as a tool to make products popular. Online advertisements help build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site, which could aid in mass selling. This includes websites, emails, ad-supported software, etc.

Internet was first introduced in Pakistan in 2005. It was a huge gain for people working in the corporate sector as well as the houses offered there at very affordable rates. And with the Internet came online advertisements. It was a really new area that companies weren’t ready to invest in. Television, billboards, newspapers and radio were considered the main media and the only means of publicity. But that changed later as the internet spent more time in the country. Companies took risks and invested in it because there was more internet audience to entertain. Each of the previous advertising mediums had drawbacks. The Internet also has disadvantages, but they are comparatively much less than other types of media. Online advertising is a mixture of all other types of advertisements that the person can see, read and listen to.

As the internet has become famous, more and more brands have invested in online businesses. They have ensured that their online audience is also very well entertained. Up-to-date websites were their priorities as it was the only way to engage with the public.

As we enter 2021, much more has changed than in the past. Pakistan has low levels of digital literacy and poor quality networks. But with all these problems, there is still hope as the country moves towards a digital future. The latest survey from August 2020 suggested that nearly 41% of the Pakistani population has internet access. This equates to nearly 87 million citizens of the country. Still as we think of 2005, there is a huge number currently accessing the Internet.

With the extension of the online service spreading at a much faster rate, we also need to focus on its drawbacks.


Measurement problems

It is very difficult in online advertisements to calculate the exact number of people engaged through the service. Site traffic, bounce rate, CPM, page value, and all those kinds of metrics are very complicated for an inexperienced user to understand.

Audience characteristics

Knowing audience characteristics is one of the most difficult things when advertising online. It answers the question who is the target audience of the product. By learning the characteristics of the audience, only websites or products will be presented to the person they are interested in.

Web rumble

It is the limitation of traffic to visit a particular website because something is blocking the path to it. This may cause the person to leave the website as it will not work properly. Thus, the product ends up losing its subscriber when the user leaves.

Bad scope

There is a huge gap between the number of newspaper subscribers and the number of Internet subscribers. The Internet has a much larger audience compared to other types of advertising media. But you should know that the product must be properly optimized for search engines so that the reach can be better. Otherwise, the product will fail to attract its potential customers.

But along with all these disadvantages, there are also a lot of advantages, which is why online advertising is much more popular.

Advantages :

International audience

It is only through the Internet that global trade is now possible at ease. Before the Internet, the procedures were really difficult, but now the product can have a national audience as well as an international audience.

Low cost

Online advertising is much more profitable. It does not require huge banners and posters to be printed. There is also no need to pay a specific radio or TV channel for its coverage. Internet is simply the easiest and most affordable way to promote a product by learning the basic tools of online marketing.


Scanning helps maintain product registration. This is the reason why tracking is considered one of the most important features of the Internet.


Feedback is the most important part of running a business. It plays an essential role in informing the seller of its services. It brings changes and improves the customer support services provided by the seller.

In conclusion, we can say that Pakistan may not be at the top of the online advertising industry right now. But as we have seen the government’s efforts to move towards a digital future, we can expect those days not to be far off when e-commerce would be much more valued than traditional commerce. The covid-19 pandemic also proved that it wasn’t too difficult as most brands were still operating during the shutdowns and suffered no losses. Online advertising has been an overlooked industry, but over the past few years, we have noticed some of the best e-commerce experiences like Daraz, Yayvo, Pakwheels, OLX, etc.