The ‘Gut Whisperer’ knows it all in contract ad campaign for Indian pharmaceutical brand Lupin

We’ve all heard of people with unique professions. We’ve even heard of animal whisperers – people understand the issues that animals go through. But a Gut Whisperer? Who is he and what does he do?

Conceptualized by the Contract Advertising group company for Lupin’s OTC Lupizyme Plus brand, Gut Whisperer is content told in a documentary style, about the life of a professional with a unique skill set. He has a gift for listening and interpreting bowel problems. With him we go on a journey of how his “gift” helped him to listen to people who suffered from intestinal / gastric problems and how he directed them to relief through the real “ustaad-ji” of intestinal problems – Lupizyme Plus.

Lupizyme Plus – available as a tonic, capsule and tablet – from the house of Lupine has been a trusted brand among doctors for years. Its PRO-Body formula simulates the body’s natural digestive process and provides effective indigestion relief.

Speaking on the subject, Anil Kaushal, Head of OTC Business, Lupin, said, “Lupizyme Plus has been a category leader for years. To take the brand to the next level, it is important to make the brand a conversation leader. This idea is the next step in that regard, to create engagement with our audience, start conversations and make the brand a gut health priority.

Supratik Sengupta, Head of Marketing, Consumer Healthcare, Lupin said, “Breaking category standards is always a challenge. But this idea managed to weave itself into the brand voice with the need to tell the Lupizyme story in a disruptive, yet relevant and engaging way.

Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar, Creative Director, Contract Advertising, said: “The story of a life told in documentary form has a different level of engagement. And with the Gut Whisperer, we had the chance to disrupt traditional OTC communication conventions. And with Lupin, we had a great client who immediately saw the potential of this idea.

Ayan Chakraborty, Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Contract Mumbai, commented, “The usual storytelling in this category operates on a problem-solution formula. We wanted to break away from that and create engaging, yet brand-relevant content. The Gut Whisperer was created as a docu-style narrative to engage audiences from the start without giving away the category.

Rahul Ghosh, SVP & ECD, Contract Mumbai, said: “The first challenge was to break the boundaries of traditional advertising storytelling. Once we understood that we were making a documentary about a life, it was liberating.


Customer : Anil Kaushal, Supratik Sengupta, Kavish Uppal

CCO: Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar

Executive Vice President and General Manager: Ayan Chakraborti

DPE and SVP, Mumbai: Rahul Ghosh

Creative Advisor: Sneh Nihalani

Senior Creative Director: Sagar Chhabria

Executive account: Sonali Gupta

Production: Gulliver Movies

Director: Parikshit Vaidya