The importance of creation in the advertising strategy of betting


Consumer concerns regarding the issue of data and privacy when using social media channels have increased in recent years, contributing to policy changes on many platforms, which has impacted commercial advertising strategies. .

Talk to Joe streeter, editor of Payment expert, two seasoned marketing professionals discussed the impact of data and privacy policy changes on sports betting advertising on a Spirable– a sponsored panel titled “The Sports Betting Marketing Revolution: How To Win With Data-Driven Creation”, at Digital SBC North America.

Commenting on changes to the privacy policy, Daniel Toledo, Marketing Performance Manager at Entain, noted, “Digital marketers are used to change and we are always adapting. I think the privacy discussion is fair, customers need to be protected and we as individuals don’t want our data sold.

“Looking at the subject from a ‘different angle’ he continued, ‘There are three sides here. There is the customer who wants to use the products of Facebook, Snapchat and Google for free. Facebook has built a business model around that they can sell ads, which is why it’s free for the customer, and we use the Facebook platform to serve relevant ads.

“The change I’m seeing is that we will be less effective from an advertising standpoint. We’ll probably go a step further and focus more on interest targeting, when today, with all the cookie data in place, we’re able to deliver the right ads to the right customer.

He added, “With the ongoing privacy discussions and the changes we’re seeing, I think the publicity will be more widespread, and I’m not sure if it’s necessarily a good customer experience.”

Based on Toledo’s comments, Dave O’Meara, co-founder and COO at Spirable shared his belief that creative advertising and the operation of social platforms will become increasingly important due to improved data protection and privacy controls.

“One thing we firmly believe in is the power of creation,” he said. “Targeting capabilities on web platforms will evolve and change, and the macro perspective here is that privacy will become more important. “

Acknowledging Toledo’s concern that the media aspect of advertising is out of the control of marketers, he said, “It’s not going to go back, it’s the macro trend. What you broadcast in terms of creation is 100% in your control.

“Targeting levels and social channels will become even more relevant, as their first-party data on how a user interacts with content on their platform allows them to see what the customer points to and what they interact with. “

He continued, “Social platforms will become platforms where you have more visibility because they have more control over that. I think on social media the creativity you deliver becomes really important.

“Making that creation more relevant – updating offers, countdowns, or playing schedules, making that creation more difficult and more relevant – to a certain extent guarantees you the future because you have the most control. “

Asked by Streeter about the process of developing and promoting creative advertising initiatives, Toledo said, “In reality, anything you have on the site, every piece of data you have, can be applied to a creation.

“The main challenge is to make these designs as engaging as possible, to always reach an audience that can engage with your creation and to make sure the journey is still relevant to people and to make sure that advertisers don’t. not waste much on their costs.

“I also keep in mind that customer service has to be good, and that’s the interesting piece – can the customer experience still be good even after all these privacy changes we’re seeing? I think so, but it will be different.

Emphasizing that using manual methods to push creative advertising requires a lot of manpower and effort, Toledo stressed the importance of automated systems, which allow operators to deliver skills and reduce time.

Noting the versatility of the sports betting industry and its ability to create useful and inspiring content, O’Meara said, “You have to create that reason for someone to engage with the content, and I think sports betting as an industry have a great capacity to do this because there is so much variety in terms of what is going on each day.

Industry experts spoke on the Sportradar-sponsored Leaders in Sports Betting Track at SBC Digital North America, which ran from June 9-10, 2021. To access this panel and more, click here


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