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INDIA. Daily newspaper India time has launched a digital outdoor advertising (DOOH) campaign “The Times of a Better India” in partnership with outdoor advertising specialist Times OOH. It is executed in 981 digital media units in airport terminals, shopping malls, metro and business complexes.

The campaign – which highlights positive news and events from India in the 75 years since Independence Day – will run for 15 days across digital advertising media in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

Times OOH said the campaign aims to communicate a wide range of stories about India, using a series of intriguing images that inspire viewers to “think and experience the unique aspects of India”.

The outdoor sites chosen are digital to ensure flexibility in sharing multiple stories throughout the campaign

He said the DOOH campaign format “allows people to appreciate the beauty of India through big and beautiful images”.

A spokesperson for India time said: “The campaign explores the continuum of positive change and development that India has witnessed since independence, where each decade has built on the progress of the previous one.

“It’s about delving into the drivers of change from the past, their impact on the present, and a state check of what the future may hold. Critically, the campaign also asks questions about whether the success of certain sectors is actually moving the country forward and what more could be done.

Times OOH Commercial Director Anchal Dhawan said: “The Times of a Better India is a progressive campaign in many ways. The campaign shines a light on positive happenings and happenings in India and asks the right set of questions to the public to persuade them to reflect on the country’s progress. Secondly, it is one of those innovative campaigns that was conducted solely on the OOH digital medium, which is still rare in the Indian OOH industry.

He added, “It’s high time brands understood the power of digital displays and the value DOOH adds in the campaign in terms of multi-creation, improved communication effectiveness and audience engagement with a better possibility of narration. We think it is commendable to India time team to realize the power of DOOH and use it.

Times OOH offers complete multimedia solutions in airports, metro and street furniture in India and Mauritius.

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