TV remains a key advertising strategy for B2C, while B2B turns more to digital channels

TV advertising remains the primary focus of marketing efforts for nearly a quarter (22%) of U.S. companies who identified television as their number one priority channel. Additionally, 85 percent of businesses have a website and nearly 80 percent are active on social media, according to the results of a recent study released today by B2B Clutch research firm and R2integrated (R2i) marketing agency.

marketing channels in the company

The results strongly suggest that while many businesses depend on digital as part of their multi-channel approach – with the goal of being where their customers are – they also rely significantly on traditional forms of advertising such as advertising. television.

“Marketers recognize the need to be fully integrated and not ignore traditional media as a way to reach their target audience,” said Mark Sneider, owner and president of business development firm RSW / US. “They know digital is important and their agency is talking about it and pushing them to do it, but they continue to appreciate what television can do for the brand as part of a comprehensive marketing program.”

Additionally, traditional channels like print, TV, and radio are more common among B2C marketers, while content marketing is increasingly the domain of B2B marketers. In addition, there are distinctions in the type of buyer making a consumer purchase and in B2B buying the sales cycle is longer and more complex.

“B2B buyers often follow a research-heavy buying model. For any business B2B purchase, the investment is usually large and there are layers of stakeholders and personalities involved in the process,” said Natalie Staines. , Director of Marketing R2i. “Content plays a key role in every phase of the buying journey because of its length and complexity.”

The importance of digital is not lost on companies, even when they aim for a television exhibition. Brand awareness is clearly a key factor in developing the multi-channel approach, as nearly 35% of marketers surveyed say brand awareness is their top strategic priority.

Companies that integrate their TV commercial into an ongoing experience throughout their online presence tend to report the highest ROI, according to industry insiders.

“Buyers today expect what they see, hear or experience on a channel to relate to their next experience with the brand,” said Natalie Staines, director of marketing at R2i. “Research shows spikes in research and social engagements, and sometimes direct purchases as a result of TV commercials, so it’s up to the marketer to be prepared to extend the TV experience to these other channels.”

The 2016 Business Marketing Survey also looked at how businesses work with marketing agencies and marketing technology platforms. The study involved 500 marketers in US companies with more than 500 employees. About half of the survey respondents are from companies with more than 1,000 employees, and 88% are at the managerial level or above.

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