Wessex Garages launches £ 100,000 advertising campaign for electric vehicles

Wessex Garages, part of VT Holdings, is launching a £ 100,000 campaign to promote its range of new and used electric vehicles.

The campaign titled “The Quiet Revolution” will air on radio, television and digital media platforms and will focus on affordable electric vehicles. Wessex represents Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Renault, Dacia and Nissan.

The campaign features extended 48-hour test drives. It also includes a website landing page that provides information on charging points, subsidies, and car searches.

This Car Matcher function allows the customer to identify their current driving needs.

The campaign will be broadcast on television from September 1 on ITV and Sky ADSmart.

Wessex Managing Director Chris Wiseman said: “We are incredibly excited about this campaign. There are so many misconceptions about electric vehicles, and we want to play a big role in changing that, starting with paying for the cost. “

“As an EV driver myself, as well as the rest of the management team, we know the many benefits of going electric, from its environmental impact to the fact that they are cheaper to use and maintain.

We are constantly inspired by our customers’ passion and knowledge about electric vehicles.

“With the growing popularity of electric vehicles and the 2030 ban on new fossil fuel vehicles just around the corner, we really wanted to spend our marketing dollars on something bold and different. “

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