Why influencer marketing is taking over online advertising

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TCM launched NinjaInfluencean all-in-one Influencer Marketing AI SaaS platform that provides an affordable yet powerful use of influencer marketing that enables e-commerce businesses to cope with rising advertising costs and shrinking marketing budgets due to market instability.

On Tuesday, May 24, The Snap Company announced that it would miss its screenings due to lower ad spend. The announcement set off a spiral effect for most advertising-focused supertechs, such as Google and Facebook. This comes as no surprise given the current environment, as well as rising ad prices and macro headwinds that are likely to spread across all digital advertising regions.

An article published by CNBC earlier this week states, “Social media companies were already having a tough year due to reduced digital ad spend caused by rising inflation, supply chain challenges and the war in Ukraine. Forecasts for the second quarter called for meager growth at best, and stock prices were getting hammered.”

Following Snap’s disclosure, analysts at JMP Securities said, “The macro headwinds likely extend to all of digital advertising.” They added that brand budgets, and especially digital budgets, “were more likely to be squeezed as companies tighten advertising budgets,” while direct-response ads, or those that encourage viewers to take action immediately, are “more related to consumer spending, especially e-commerce.” Read the full CNBC article here.

The e-commerce space is looking for alternative ways to reduce ad spend in the face of rising social media ad costs in a highly volatile environment.

Even now, as advertising costs rise, e-commerce has seen a massive increase since the start of the pandemic, which is expected to total $5.55 trillion in 2022 and to grow by nearly $11 trillion between 2021 and 2025. This increase can also be attributed to the effect of online influencers/creators. An authentic and engaging online presence is key to disrupting a saturated marketing experience. People want to be seduced, to connect to something and to belong to a community.

Enter the influencers, a person valued by the public much more than the classic pop-up advertising. With such dedicated follow-ups, you can shorten the sales cycle by setting yourself apart from your competitors. A strong brand not only optimizes performance marketing in the short term, but also makes it a source of sustainable growth. Stronger brands attract more organic acquisitions, retain more customers, and generate higher sales. As the digital space becomes more crowded, brand identity and awareness will become increasingly crucial.

When time is a critical commodity, you have to be fast, agile and ahead of your competitors. Focus on brand equity and improve brand loyalty while maintaining ad spend. As inflationary pressure affects buying decisions, brands need to strengthen their community reach and relationships with their customers.

After spending over eight years operating in the e-commerce space as both an e-commerce seller and a leading aggregator, we have experienced community building, aptly named influencer marketing, first-hand.

But how do you find the right influencers? Even if you find the right influencers, how would you manage them, monetize, measure performance, and still be able to participate in your e-commerce business?

Welcome to NinjaInfluence, TCM’s disruptive influencer marketing platform.

With our dynamic and elastic AI search engine, we curated a database of more than 140 million influencers so you can filter and identify the perfect brand representative. Each will be the champion brand ambassador and increase sales. Within the platform, you can perform research, outreach, and campaign management, as well as track your real-time sales and social metrics. Even making payments to your influencers is just a click away with NinjaInfluence.

You don’t have to make the trip alone. Our team of influencer managers are here to oversee the entire process, from discovering and identifying the right influencer, to raising awareness and sending personalized messages, to managing the entire your marketing influencer funnel, your own dedicated influencer manager. With the help of Influencer Manager, negotiate everything from partnership terms to campaign management, when setting up e-commerce coupons, sales tracking links and social engagement.

On June 1 at 9:00 a.m. ET, the Ninjainfluence team will host a live webinar. We invite you to join our live demo and panel discussion as we discuss alternative means of online advertising and how to best engage with influencers for maximum results. To keep your place, click to register and write “Save my place for the next webinar”.

About NinjaInfluence

NinjaInfluence is influencer marketing software that helps users easily manage their strategies and communicate with influencers/creators. After its predecessor, NinjaOutreach, it provides access to over 140 million influencers on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter. In addition to its established search engine, NinjaInfluence offers a host of features such as e-commerce integration, comprehensive analytics dashboards, smart search manager, internal payment platform, related profile recommendation engine and a consolidated CRM-like workspace. Scalable and efficient through its use of powerful big data technology, NinjaInfluence searches millions of creators to intelligently identify qualified influencer leads and enable the launch of influencer campaigns with a trackable ROI. For more information, a free trial, or to subscribe to NinjaInfluence, visit https://NinjaInfluence.com/.

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