Why You Need A Solid Video Advertising Strategy For Your Business

When it comes to reaching and engaging potential consumers, video advertising pays off. And having appropriate branded videos for your business is just as important as your business website, maybe even more so. Michelle Amarra is here to tell us why small business owners can no longer afford to ignore video advertising. Michelle is president of Southern Crescent Broadcasting, SCBTV.

Businesses nowadays should use video content to advertise and promote their businesses. Yet Michelle says she still encounters many companies that shy away from video, despite the fact that digital video is the best return on investment for any business. She gives three of the most common excuses companies give to avoid using video:

  1. They don’t know where to start
  2. They think it’s more expensive than it is
  3. They don’t want to be filmed

But SCB makes the video process so much easier for businesses. They will help their clients design the creative campaign and guide them through the process. Michelle says, “If you just let us walk you through this process, you’ll end up with a great video you can use to promote your business.”

Like when companies create logos or brochures, they can use videos on a multitude of platforms. Videos can be used for social media pages, Facebook ads, websites, direct email marketing campaigns, educational resources, behind the scenes videos and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local restaurant, in the home service industry, or you’re a doctor with 16 associates, video is the best way for businesses to meet potential customers. Michelle says that with SCB’s TV station, they started moving into independent video production and it immediately became a whole new product that they could offer their clients.

Videos also allow you to take your message and deliver it to a variety of audiences at a relatively low cost. Michelle tells ASBN that the videos allow people to relate to the person behind the camera. If the audience is able to see and hear the person and the message they are delivering, it gives businesses the opportunity to create sales and build relationships before they even meet the customer.

To learn more about how you can use video to benefit your small business, watch the full interview above or contact SBT directly at www.scbtv.com or (678)-554-6410

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