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realm of infinity, the cartoon-style strategy mobile game developed by YOOZOO Games, will start its open beta in Japan on January 25, available for download on Android and iOS.

Set on the legendary continent of Norheim, players must defend against the invasion of evil gnomes. While expanding their own cities, players must team up and protect their territories from other players.

Inspired by famous historical figures, the concept of Immortals is introduced in realm of infinity. As commanders of troops, Immortals have special skills and can be upgraded to increase their power.

After its initial launch in January 2021, realm of infinity has been ranked among the top 10 best-selling strategy games in more than 30 countries in Europe and the United States. Now, the game will soon be available in Japan, bringing an OB event, a new version update, and a new Immortal!

Event OB: Rebirth of Cities

The kingdom is suffering, it’s time to protect the people. With the Japanese lords, unite to rebuild the kingdom.

With realm of infinityin Japan, a new event, Rebirth of cities will be live on the OB server, Norheim Server 136. During this 60-day event, players must collaborate and conquer. From Gems and Philosopher’s Stones to a Superior Resource Pack, the top 100 players will win in-game gifts worth hundreds of US dollars.

Frostborne Legion 1.8 Update

As the next leg of Legion of Frostborne was about to enter its war phase, another update arrived amid the ice and snow on January 13th.

The update brought the official start of the Season system, applying to all servers. As each server progresses through the seasons, the maximum level of buildings, Immortals, troops and dragons increases, and new Academy Technology and Lord Talent branches are unlocked.

New Alliance Tactics are available during Legion of Frostborne Regular Season and can be used by Alliance Leader (R6) or Officers (R5) to provide all alliance members with battlefield protection.

A Special theme “Illusion Battlefield” is added to Daily Talks to gather and deliver the latest competitive news, allowing players to learn and discuss strategies with each other. Players can also pre-arrange different troop formations that can be switched between different combat situations.