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We now know that the online advertising industry is constantly changing.

Whether it’s advertising guidelines, content types, or even advertising platforms, there are constantly new opportunities to test and optimize your campaigns to ensure that your business is growing as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But with a constant influx of ad guidelines, content types, and ad platforms to follow, it can be difficult to devote the time to developing yourself as a marketer.

That’s why we created Growth Academy, a free on-demand learning solution to help you learn, grow and succeed in digital marketing.

Presentation of the Growth Academy

Growth Academy is a comprehensive, interactive learning platform to bring you expert-led digital – all on-demand, for free.

Some of the best learning takes place through hands-on experience.

But when we are faced with new challenges, new channels, and new disciplines on an almost daily basis, learning on the job can be risky, especially when it comes to your budget.

Maybe you are an internal SEO who has just been given the reins of your company’s PPC accounts.

Maybe you own a digital marketing agency and need some new team members who know about Google Shopping.

Or maybe you are a small business owner and trying to learn the intricacies of branding on social media.

Either way, training yourself before or while working on the New Frontiers can be an invaluable part of being successful.

Growth Academy: your online advertising training made easySome of the Facebook advertising lessons available in Growth Academy.

It is precisely for this purpose that we created Growth Academy: to give traders and businesses a better chance to succeed – with free, flexible and on-demand training tools for digital marketers.

Training with Growth Academy

We’re kicking off Growth Academy with a comprehensive suite of lessons in four essential areas so you or your team can learn from industry experts at your own pace, at your own pace.

We offer courses in four core areas of digital marketing and business growth:

  • Basics of online advertising
  • Lead generation
  • E-commerce
  • Agency growth

Let’s take a look at each course to see which lessons we cover and how these can help you with your online advertising training.

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Learn the basics of online advertising

This course is exactly what it sounds like: Online Advertising in a nutshell.

Taught by a variety of online advertising experts, including WordStream’s Learning and Development Manager Greg Herrmann, the course reviews all of the fundamentals of setting up your paid marketing campaigns for to succeed.

Growth Academy: your online advertising training made easy

In this course, you will learn things like:

  • How do search engines work.
  • How to effectively target keywords in your niche.
  • How Google Ads auction dynamics determine where your ads appear.
  • How to target audiences on Facebook.

Understanding online advertising is essential to understanding how to grow your business online. This course gives you all the tools you need to achieve that.

Get more leads

Whether you’re a local service business, a business selling software as a service, or something in between, lead generation is the name of the game.

Growing your business depends on your ability to maintain a healthy marketing funnel that generates leads on one side, nurtures them, and then produces customers on the other.

This course equips marketers and lead generation businesses with the information they need to convert qualified leads time and time again.

Growth Academy: your online advertising training made easy

In this course, you will learn things like:

  • Using keyword intent to generate leads through Google Ads.
  • The basics of lead generation on Facebook.
  • How to present the right offer at the right time.
  • How to effectively define your demographic and geographic targeting.

The course teaches lead generation marketers how to take a holistic, multiplatform approach to marketing. Rest assured, your sales team will thank you.

Sell ​​more products online

Let’s talk for a moment about the other side of the coin: e-commerce marketing.

Electronic commerce is growing at a breakneck pace.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon are three of the most effective ways for direct-to-consumer businesses to reach and convert new leads.

35% of Google product searches turn into transactions within five days.

Our course teaches online marketers how to turn as much of this research as possible into paying customers.

Growth Academy: your online advertising training made easy

In this course, you will learn things like this:

  • How to sell products online with Google Shopping.
  • How to configure your Shopping flow in Merchant Center.
  • How to choose locations on Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to write product copy that actually converts.

Because prompting a purchase is considerably more difficult than prompting to fill out a form, ecommerce businesses have some of the lowest conversion rates on the market.

In this course, you will learn how to qualify and convert leads at a rate that will wow your competition.

Develop my agency

Marketing agencies face many unique challenges.

Not only do they have to learn how to run multiple businesses (often in multiple niches), but they also need to keep those businesses from spinning around while simultaneously gaining new business.

Our course teaches agency stakeholders how to consistently win new business while performing the type of account work that will allow them to keep their existing book.

Growth Academy: your online advertising training made easy

In this course, you will learn things like this:

  • How to effectively price your services.
  • How to add new services in several disciplines.
  • How to reduce overhead while maximizing profit.
  • How to find new customers and add new sources of income.
  • And – you guessed it – much more.

Agencies: everything is there.

This is a roadmap designed exclusively for you.

Prepare to evolve.

And after?

You told us.

We know there are so many more Essential Skills for marketers today – and we know that in our ever-changing industry, Essential Skills keep evolving.

That’s why we plan to add courses to Growth Academy frequently – so if there’s a growth topic you’d like to know about and you aren’t seeing it live right now, leave us a comment at the end of this article (or tweet us @WordStream).

You can rest assured that we will work on it.

Start learning today!

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We have done the hard part for you.

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