Zoopla is the first to announce its “Xmas portal wars” advertising campaign

Zoopla will begin a ten-week advertising blitz that kicks off days before Christmas on TV, YouTube, online advertising and social media, including, for the first time, TikTok.

The portal is making big claims for the campaign, which it says will increase traffic to its website by nearly a third between December and January.

Its marketing heads are hoping to capitalize on the traditional “Boxing Day bounce” that sees house hunters taking their laptops and smartphones for good after the festive padding.

Zoopla will resurrect both of her original 30-second TV commercials launched earlier this year, ‘Bricks and mortar’ and ‘Neighbors‘, which the portal says are getting along well with a nation weary of the grinding pandemic.

Additionally, for the first time, the ads will also highlight Zoopla’s search functionality urging viewers to ‘search now’.

Previous advertisements simply said at the end that “we know what a house is really worth.”

The commercials are voiced by actress Diane Morgan (star of the BBC Two comedy, Mother land) and will air on Channel 4, Sky and ITV, in prime time slots such as Coronation Street, Emmerdale and The Great New Year Bake Off.

Gary Bramall - Zoopla - image“Home movers have reassessed what they want and need from a home in the wake of the pandemic,” says Gary Bramall (pictured), Zoopla’s chief marketing officer.

“The launch of our new marketing campaign is an opportunity to put them in contact with houses that meet their criteria while showing the available stocks that our agents list on Zoopla.

“After a banner year for the real estate market, we wanted to launch the pre-Christmas campaign to give agents a quick start in 2022 and prepare them for success. We’re about to entice these impatient movers to relocate and in turn this will lead to some valuable leads for agents.

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