Zoopla’s new advertising campaign aims to boost the agent l…

Zoopla has unveiled a new marketing campaign aimed at high-value movers and says it has already nurtured leads with agents.

The ad campaign, developed based on feedback from agents, focuses on embarrassing situations that involve asking questions about house prices and focuses on high-value segments of home movers – those with properties for sale. and also looking to buy.

It will run for fourteen weeks with advertisements across mainstream channels including TV, video on demand, digital and social channels.

The ads will also run in cinemas for the first time in five years.

They aim to position Zoopla as a go-to destination for home search and home price appraisals.


One focuses on a parent impressed by his child’s friend’s house at a party while the other shows a divorcee who is told he may have to sell his house.

The adverts are voiced by actress Diane Morgan, star of BBC Two’s comedy Motherland, who has appeared in Zoopla’s five previous marketing campaigns.

They will be shown on Channel 4, Sky and ITV in prime time slots such as Celebrity Gogglebox and Love Island.

The portal said the campaign, which went live last week, has already resulted in a 35% increase in review leads for agents.

The campaign is estimated to result in a 13% increase in leads, in addition to an average 20% increase in leads between the months of March and April across all regions of the UK.

Gary Bramall, Marketing Director of Zoopla, said: “Lack of supply has been a real challenge in the real estate market for some time now.

“By moving our campaign message into the new creative, we’re confident we can help agents when it comes to nurturing this important future seller pipeline and ensuring they’re set to succeed as we let’s enter the second half of the year and beyond.”

Watch one of the videos below: